Best Water Dispenser for Home

water dispenser ReviewBest water coolers and dispensers dot every office and living rooms. Why? Well, there are things that you may choose to live without, but clean drinking water isn’t among them.

Moreover, you cannot just trust that your tap water has been filtered and treated to make it perfectly safe for drinking.

As many have come to learn, water sources that the state governments previously considered safe levels of elements such as fluorine, have turned out to have high levels of the same.

It’s with that in mind you should make a point of investing in at least one water purification unit for your home.

That ensures that you only get to drink safe cleaning water, and so does your family and friends. Which brings us to the next concern that most people face; which is the best water dispenser and cooler? What should a water dispenser have, to qualify as being among the best water dispenser for home and office use? In this water dispenser reviews and buying guide, we are going to look at some of the best water dispensers, as well as water dispenser buying tips.

1. Whirlpool Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

The Whirlpool dispenser is a self cleaning water dispenser that uses unstable oxygen molecules to breakdown viruses and bacteria that may be present in your drinking water. You will also notice that it also includes a digital display that shows the status of the self cleaning process. For you, that means you will know when your water is ready for drinking, and you should wait a little longer for your health’s sake. The self cleaning process works faster, which means if you load the water as you go to bed, the next morning, your water will be ready for drinking.
Whirlpool Dispenser Review
You water dispenser will be always be where it’s visible to your visitors, which means you want it to look good. It’s with that in mind that Whirlpool has designed this unit with a stainless steel finish with curved edges. That allows it to easily blend with the rest of your home appliances. Because of the curved edges that present a great image that can be viewed from any angle, this unit adds to the overall beauty of your home.

On a hot summer day, a sip of cold water is definitely one of the most refreshing things you may enjoy. This unit uses a block of ice to make sure that the water is sufficiently chilled before it’s dispensed. Moreover, it keeps a stream of cold water flowing, which ensures you can make some delicious tea any time. No one wants to buy a unit that breaks down every now and then. While most water dispenser experiences that problem due to poorly designed compressors, this unit doesn’t experience any of those problems.

One of the reasons that this unit drew your interest is because you can bottom load water from your bottles. Using the 5th generation bottom loading technology, this dispenser creates a powerful suction that is controlled to suck all the water from the water bottle. Moreover, the control system ensures that the suction pump is not overload, which guarantees that your water dispenser will serve you for much longer. If you were planning to use this unit in your office, that simply means you get your ROI, and get to enjoy its services for much longer.

Highlighted Whirlpool Water Dispenser Features

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  • Forms ice inside tank to stabilize cooled water
  • Uses unstable oxygen to destroy viruses and bacteria
  • Solid steel frame
  • Self Cleaning technology
  • Toddler resistant hot water button
  • Patented Steaming water technology

Its compressor turns on less frequently, thank to its proprietary water cooling system. They system cools the water, and then keeps it cold for longer to minimize the need to cool it less frequently. Other notable features of this unit are its unbreakable water faucet, a frame made of solid steel, artistically curved steel sides, and a capacity to support over 300 pounds. You can therefore rest assured that this unit will never collapse under the weight of a 5 gallon water bottle.

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  • It’s easy to use.
  • Has a hot-water safety feature
  • Cools water efficiently
  • Disinfects water using unstable oxygen




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  • It doesn’t come with a water filter.




2. Avalon A4BLWTRCLR Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The Avalon A4BLWTRCLR is a water dispenser that comes with three temperature settings. Those settings are room water, cold, and hot water. Moreover, it uses a bottom water loading design which ensures you don’t need to lift your water bottles to refresh your cooled water supply. For those who have made a personal commitment to save energy, you will be glad to know this unit is Energy Star/UL approved.
Best Water Dispenser Review
Just as most people prefer to enjoy a glass of cold water, other people for different reasons choose to either drink lukewarm water or water at a room temperature. The Avalon A4BLWTRCLR dispenser takes care of all those needs by providing three settings for selecting your preferred water temperature. That makes it one of the best water dispenser to have at home, office, or at the hospital reception.

We cannot deny that when it comes to an appliance installed in your reception or living room, its effect on your decor is always evident. That’s why this water dispenser’s stainless steel cabinet is a plus for your home or office. At night, you don’t have to switch on the lights to get your glass of water. It’s built-in lights illuminate the water spouts, making them visible at night. That features comes in handy when you need to get a drink at night but you don’t like the bright shine in the middle of the night.

The main feature of this water dispenser that has made it a favorite for people of all ages is its bottom loading design. As we age, lifting heavy loads becomes one of the things we must avoid. Otherwise, we are likely to hurt our backs, which leads to great discomfort and increased medical expenditures. A bottom water loading cooler eliminates the risk of hurting your back, water spillage, and easily loads between 3 to 5 gallons of drinking water into your dispenser.

This unit is designed with our homes in mind, which is why you will find its hot water spout has a child safety lock. We know how adventurous young children can be, which always leads to tears. Thankfully, this unit ensures no child will get scald with hot water from its hot water spout. Lastly, it’s designed with Energy/UL Star approved, meaning it’s design helps to save energy.

Highlighted Features

  • Child safety lock
  • Bottom water loading
  • Innovative exterior design
  • 3 Water Temperatures
  • Nightlight for water spouts


  • You can use it at home or office
  • Dispenses water at 3 water temperatures settings
  • No lifting needed to replenish
  • Easily matches your office and home deco
  • Dispenses ice cold water eliminating need for ice
  • Steaming hot water for hot beverage


  • It doesn’t come with a water filter.

3. Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W best water dispenser Volume

The Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W measures 40.5 inches  by  12.6 inches by 15 inches which makes it among the best water dispenser units with a bigger volume. It cools and heats water to optimum temperatures for making beverages or drinking during summer. If you aren’t sure about the purity of your drinking water, then let this unit purify it using its self-cleaning stainless technology. The technology uses unstable oxygen atoms to destroy micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses, leaving the water clean and safe for drinking.
Best water dispenser review
The system is able to detect when the water needs to be cleaned. It activates its cleaning system if the water is impure, and lights up its LED indicator, alerting you that the water purification system is in progress. It’s therefore among the top water dispensers that we recommend for homes with little kids, and offices where employee and client well-being is at the center of the organization.

The unit also includes a child-safety lock that stops young children from burning themselves with hot water from this unit. As a family person, I have to say I like that features a lot. That’s because there is simply no way to stop your child from doing what they see you do all the time. However, with this unit, you can rest knowing that if they are going to accidentally burn themselves, it won’t be because you bought a water dispenser for the family.

The bottom water loading feature is a plus of you are buying this water dispenser for your parents or anyone with back problems. They don’t have to suffer so they can get nice cool water or hot water to make their beverages. This unit uses a high-tech pump to draw in water from the water bottle and chill or warm it to specific settings. Overall, this unit is among the best water dispenser for homes and offices.

No one likes having appliances that look out of place in their living room, offices, or kitchen. That is why this unit has been designed with a modern appliance’s exterior finish in mind. It’s nicely fits in with other modern appliances, making it one of the best units for those of us who are mindful of their interior decor.

Highlighted Features

  • Great black and metallic finish
  • Extended telescopic tube for all bottle sizes
  • Hot or cold water spouts
  • Child-safety lock


  • Best for use at home or office
  • Dispenses cold or hot water
  • Has LED indicators showing status of the unit
  • Easy and safe to use for the whole family


  • It only has a cold or hot spout.

4. Denali Best BottleLess Water Cooler

The Denali is a Bottleless Water Cooler with a black cabinet made of stainless steel. Both the hot and cold internal reservoirs are made of 100% stainless steel, and it also comes with a 1,200 gallon water purification system. Other important features are the installation kit, a backup shut-off float mechanism, and its instantly cold and hot water faucets.

Why is the Denali water cooler the best bottleless water cooler? It’s the best because it is designed to offer clean drinking water to large groups of people, and you don’t need to keep loading water bottles on it. It cold or heats water as it comes directly from your water supply. It’s proprietary 1-micron water filtration technology ensures that its users get clean drinking water without the need to treat it.

Moreover, since it doesn’t use bottled water, there is no danger of users drinking water contaminated with miniscule plastic particles, which are commonly found in bottled water. Moreover, it is powered from a standard electrical power outlet, and can supply drinking water for up to 30 people. That’s enough to satisfy the needs for most offices, and any home, even during a party.

The water is dispensed at a cool temperature that ranges from 40 to 44 degrees. Moreover, you may adjust the temperature setting using the cooler’s thermostat to a temperature that best suits you. Thanks to its filtration system, the cool drinking water is free of lead, chlorine, cysts, bad odor, and bad taste. The filter is rated for 1,200 gallons, and you can easily change the filter cartridge within seconds.

The hot water comes out steaming hot, which allows you to make instant hot beverages such as tea, soups, chocolate drinks, and even oatmeal.  To protect young children, the hot water faucet is easy for adults to use but hard for children to turn on. Moreover, you can also turn off the hot water function to ensure that your little ones are always safe when you aren’t around.

Denali chose to use the sealed stainless steel reservoirs for four important reasons. One is stainless steel is easy to heat and cool, two, it keeps the water pure because it doesn’t react with it, three, stainless steel outlasts most other materials, and lastly, it’s structurally strong. For you, that means you will get a return of your investment and enjoy using this unit for many years to come.

The exterior of this unit is designed to be structurally strong thanks to the use of ABS stainless steel, and the stainless steel adds to its beauty. The MWL-SS unit is 12 inches wide by 40 inches high by 12.5 inches deep. Therefore, you can install it in your office or living room without ruining your decor.

Overall, the Denali is the best bottleless water dispenser for several reasons. Apart from dispensing clean filtered water, it also heats or cools clean drinking water according to your settings. Moreover, you don’t have to call an expert to help you install the Denali Best Bottleless Water Cooler because it comes with a set and installation kit. The water cooler can be installed in a warehouse, office, waiting room, factories, gyms, and of course in homes.

Highlighted Features

  • 25-Feet Flexible ¼” waterway
  • Lead-free stainless steel saddle valve
  • Step-by-step instructions user manual
  • Online videos on how to install and use the Denali
  • Stainless steel reservoirs
  • Hot and Cold steaming water
  • 1,200 gallons of water filtration system
  • Strong and beautiful exterior cabinet


  • Dispenses hot and cold water
  • Uses a 1-micron water filter
  • Dispenses water that’s free of odors and tastes
  • You may use its hot water to make hot beverages


  • You have to change the water filter cartridge after 1,200 gallons

5. Hamilton Beach BL-1- 4A Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

The Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Water Dispenser allows you to enjoy quality drinking water without having to deal with water spillage, lifting, and flipping. It’s made of a stainless steel, which easily blends with most decors. Moreover, it uses the safe ozone cleaning technology to clean its internal water tanks and lines by killing the bacteria attached to walls. Those are among the distinguishing features that make it among the best bottom loading water dispensers.

The Self-cleaning Ozone Technology deployed in the Primo bottom loading water dispenser cleans this unit from the inside. That means you don’t have to worry about harmful bacteria accumulating on the inside walls of this unit. If you need a water dispenser that cleans itself at the touch of a button, you should consider the Primo Water Dispenser.

Great design and great performance is what you get and see with this unit standing in your room. The stainless steel design allows you to install this water cooler and dispenser anywhere, and its durability means you don’t have to keep re-investing in water coolers. Its great performance means everybody gets to enjoy clean and cool drinking water during summer.

Moreover, the hot water allows workers or family members to make hot beverages any time of the day, especially during winter. That improves productivity and lower cost of operating your kitchen in the case of offices. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your toddlers; its hot water faucet is child-resistant, which helps you to protect your little ones.

Overall, this unit is designed to give you cleaning drinking water without the additional burden of having to manually clean it. Moreover, its elegant design fits well in most decors, and it doesn’t spill water on your floors. Lastly, it can dispense chilled, cold, cool, and piping-hot water.

Highlighted Features

  • Bottom-loading water capability
  • Dispensers Hot, Cool, and Cold water
  • Fingerprint-free stainless steel finish
  • Ozone-technology self cleaning unit


  • Clean it by pressing a button
  • Dispenses drinking water at different temperatures
  • Hot water faucet that’s safe for use at home
  • Enjoy great tasting water
  • You don’t need to lift or flip water bottles


  • It doesn’t use an internal storage

Other Top 5 Best Water Dispensers Reviews

6. Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

Say goodbye to lifting heavy water jugs thanks to the Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser. It is one of the best bottom loading andbacteria-busting dispenser that gives hot, cool, and cold water. It is also easy to refill on the back. The water dispenser delivers a high-class performance which makes it convenient and easy to use. It has features that offer excellent performance.  It is durable which satisfies the need of a busy office or home. Some features like the cold and hot water feature make it versatile as it addresses the varying needs of individuals. You can enjoy your cold water or make your favorite hot beverage without too much hassle.

It also child-safety features when it comes to the hot-piping water. The harmless ozone technology ensures that you take clean and non-contaminated time all the time. It also comes with a dishwasher-safe drip try that indicates when it is full. The free-standing water dispenser is lightweight and can work with different water brands. It can comfortably hold 3-5 gallons of water and comes with an adjustable cavity fit. It is a dispenser childwill love to use since the buttons are easy to press and has safety features. Another benefit is that it can fit in small spaces as it does not occupy too much space.


  • Has a bottom-loading design for easy loading
  • It is has a finger-print and stainless steel look that blends with almost any décor
  • It is easy to operate, just touch the knob and  water comes out
  • Has indicator lights that show when the liquid is hot, cold, or needs replacement
  • Has LED lights with on/off buttons


  • Some users complained of leaking issues
  • It gives the water a plastic taste

Highlighted Features

  • It dispenses hot, cool, and cold water
  • Has a bottom-loading design that reduces activities such as spilling, flipping, and lifting
  • Utilizes harmless ozone technology that kills bacteria within the tank
  • Improved 2.0 compressor for durability and improved performance
  • Has storage cabinet for storing bottles

7. NewAir WCD-200W Water Cooler

It is one of the best water coolers with cold and hot water features.  It has a unique and sleek design that would fit well in any kitchen or office space. It is easy and compact to use.  It has amazing features such as the dual hot safety water feature which makes it safe even for the kids to use.  You can make a cup of coffee or tea without too much hassle. You do not have to worry about storing your bottles and drinking cups thanks to the dry storage compartment. It also has a stainless steel reservoir which eliminates the plastic taste from the water.  It is compatible with two, three and five-gallon water bottles. It also meets the required FDA standards which ensure everyone is drinking safe and clean water.

NewAir WCD-200W Water Cooler saves you time, electricity, and money. It will save you energy costs by using the hot water feature instead of using the kettle. Avoid the morning rush by getting hot water for your coffee at the touch of a button. There is no installation needed as all you need to do is unbox and decide the best place to place your cooler. However, it should be placed on a flat surface and away from direct sunlight.Buyers are assured of guaranteed satisfaction by the manufacturer. There is a 30-day money back guarantee period. If you are not pleased with your water cooler, you can return it to the seller.


  • Has a bottle spike for an easy and no spill gallon bottles of 2,3,and 5 gallons
  • Has a cold and water temperature option
  • It is energy efficient with an energy star approval
  • It has a reliable and child safety lock that stops  children from using the hot water feature
  • It is easy to install and use
  • Has a sleek design that can fit in any space
  • It is compatible with other bottle types


  • Some users complained of leaks
  • Has  a few fault designs

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in storage compartments
  • Has a removable drip tray
  • Has a hot and cold water temperature feature
  • Sleek design with compact storage
  • Time-saving installation
  • Plastic-free and ultra –silent
  • Stainless steel reservoir

8. Honeywell HWB1052b2 38-Inch Free Standing Cabinet Water Dispenser

The Honeywell HWB1052b2 water dispenser is one of the best water dispensers for home, gym, and office use. It is a 38-inch freestanding water cooler with a cold and hot water temperature function. It is black in class with a stainless steel tank that improves the quality and taste of water.

You do not have to worry about handling it since it has a design that enables easy handling. It is compatible with 3 and 5-gallon water bottles. It also has amazing features designed to protect users like children. It has a child hot water safety feature and parents are assured children will not burn themselves.

You will not experience any spillage because the cooler has a funnel that prevents water spillage. It has a removable drip tray that makes it easy to clean. It saves a lot of energy thanks to its 85-watt water cooler. Users get water at the desired temperature because of the cold water thermostat control and compressor cooling. It has a 4-liter heating capacity per hour which operates at 194 degrees.

The 2-liter cooling capacity per hour at 50 degrees and below gives you access to cold water when desired. It also comes with strong storage space that at the bottom. The manufacturer offers one-year limited warranty and is ETL certified. It is easy and safe to use because of the mechanical faucets that push inwards, a funnel that prevents spillage when using bottles contain spill-proof caps, and enough non-refrigerated storage space.


  • Has safety lock child feature that prevents kids from burning themselves with hot water
  • It has a steel reservoir that does not interfere with the taste and quality of water
  • It has hot and cold water temperature feature
  • Has a sleek design that makes it handling and carrying it easy
  • It has a fill cavity that is compatible with 3 and 5-gallon water bottles
  • It is energy efficient
  • It is easy to use and requires no installation


  • It is pretty loud
  • Some users complained of leaking

Highlighted Features

  • It is ETL- certified
  • Has hot and cold water
  • Easy to use and has no installation
  • Child lock safety features
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Utilizes technology that stops growth of bacteria
  • 13-inch free standing water cooler
  • Black in color

9. Avalon Commercial Grade Dispenser- Bottleless and Self- Cleaning Water Cooler

Bottleless water coolers have numerous benefits and Avalon Commercial Grade Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser is not any different. It is one of the most purchased water dispensers thanks to its amazing features. For starters, it has three temperature settings which are hot, room temperature, and cold. You can fix yourself a cup of tea or coffee without switching on your kettle.

It is durable thanks to its sturdy construction. It has a stainless steel cabinet that reduces the risk of rusting and does not alter the taste of water. Users are assured of safety since the cooler meets the required UL certification. It also has an Energy star certification meaning that it is energy efficient. It will consume less power and save on your energy bills. It has easy to operate buttons that switch between the different water temperatures.

Being a bottle-less unit, you do not have to worry about buying water bottles. It utilizes the self-cleaning ozone technology that cleans the water tank, purifies, and sanitizes the water. A simple press cleans the tank and prevents bacteria build-up over time. Other features include security on the hot water tap that prevents any accidents.

The cooler has push buttons that illuminate at night and are switched on at the unit’s rear. There is a light indicator that shows you when the filter needs replacement. It is lightweight and compact and can fit in any space. It is free standing and can be used in any room and blends well with the existing décor. It has an efficient compressor that delivers your cold water at 47 degrees F eliminating the need for ice cubes.

The hot water is 180 degrees. It is at the right temperature to make some hot chocolate or coffee. The water is filtered before being distributed to the hot and cold water reservoirs rendering it free from any contaminants in the water. It also comes with a leak detector that tracks if the water is leaking into the machine. The filter can last for as long as six months and accommodates up to 1500 gallons of water. It runs quietly and works efficiently too.


  • Has a sleek stainless steel body that looks classy
  • It is ideal for daily use
  • Has security features that prevent potential accidents
  • Has an efficient filtration system
  • It has three water temperature modes


  • It has a slow flow rate

 Highlighted Features

  • Self- cleaning technology
  • Child safety lock feature
  • Built-in light system that illuminates at night
  • Has three temperature modes

10. Newair WAT30B Pure Spring PBA Black Dispenser

The NewAir WAT30B Pure Spring BPA dispenser allows you to enjoy piping hot water and icy cold water in your gym, office, or home. It is one of the best water dispensers with outstanding features. For starters, it is PBA free which ensures the water does not have a plastic taste. Besides ruining the taste of water, it is a health hazard when it finds its way into the body. You can have a piece of mind knowing you are dealing with clean and crisp water.

It comes with an inbuilt bottle spike which prevents any spills. It also makes loading easy. Once you  put  the bottle into the cooler’s cavity, the spike will puncture a hole into the cap allowing water to drain into the storage tank without any spillage. It also comes with a safety lock that prevents children from opening the hot water faucet.

It is Energy Star Approved meaning that it is energy efficient. It runs on low electricity saving on your power bill. It also has energy features that turn off features when not in use. It has a sturdy stainless steel construction that does not alter the taste of the water, rust or corrode easily.

There is a removable tray that holds any water that fall away while filling your glass. The tray can accommodate standard-size drinking cups.  It is dishwasher safe and has a compartment  on its bottom side that offers extra storage space. It has large water that holds 0.8 gallons of cold water and 0.26 gallons of hot water. Lastly, its contoured design fits well into any space.


  • Large water tanks for cold and hot water
  • Has a drip tray that holds any loose dripping water
  • Has tank  that is stainless steel  and does not alter the taste of water
  • It is energy efficient
  • Has a filter which releases clean  water


  • Some users complained of leaks

 Highlighted Features

  • 100 percent BPA free for safe and clean drinking water
  • UL tested and Energy star approved
  • Has a child-lock faucet for the hot water
  • Designed to prevent spillage
  • Detachable drip tray
  • Sleek design

A water dispenser is a common feature in our homes and offices. It is affordable and comes in various designs and sizes.  Most people will prefer water from a dispenser instead of direct from the tap. Water dispensers come in handy since they provide safe drinking water easily, thanks to the tab at the front.

Why You Should Invest In a Water Dispenser

  • Provide clean drinking water by reducing the number of contaminants present in pipe or tap line
  • They have filters that ensure no debris or contaminants pass through
  • Safe and easy to use
  • They are easy to maintain too
  • Help save money by not buying individual bottles every time

Who Needs a Water Dispenser?

  • Who needs a water dispenser and why? Here are a few scenarios:
  • An office where employees and clients can conveniently access safe drink water without taking extended breaks to get the water
  • At home where the family members where they do not have access to safe drinking water
  • For those who do not like the taste of tap water

How a Water Dispenser Works

The dispenser delivers the water from a source such as a pipeline. The water passes through a tap by pressing a knob or button.

Water Dispenser Common Features

Some of the common features include:

  • One/two tanks that store and hold the water
  • A water heater that heats the water
  • A refrigerating unit that cools the water
  • Water filters that ensure the water comes out clean and free of contaminants
  • Knob or button that releases the water
  • Spigot/ tap usually receives the water from the tank
  • Dry storage compartments for holding the drinking cups

However, not all the water dispensers will have all the features named above.

Water Dispenser Types

  • Top/bottom loading and portable bottle units

The dispenser is not directly hooked to the plumbing line and requires no plumbing to that effect. It is easy to attach the unit by attaching the water jug or bottle. It is often placed on countertops and is portable and lightweight. It is ideal for homes, small offices, or picnics.

  • Wall mounted units

If you do not want to replace water bottles all the time continually, the wall mounted dispenser comes in handy. It is connected to a household pipe and has a filter that ensures the purity of the water all the time.

  • The countertop water dispensers

If you have small or limited space, the countertop water dispenser fits perfectly well. You can connect to a water source or use a bottle. It can fit on your table or countertop without taking too much space.

  • Bottle-less water dispenser

This type of water dispenser is connected to a pipeline and has a filter that ensures a constant supply of clean crispy water. It is perfect for large populations such as schools, industrial needs, and a large office. It bears some resemblance to the mounted wall dispenser but functions differently. It serves a large population at once.

  • Freestanding dispensers

They are perfect for public places and are often connected to a pipeline. However, they are some that are fitted with refillable bottles.

Maintaining Your Dispenser

Maintaining your water dispenser should not be a nerve-wracking affair. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Clean it on a regular basis; at least twice a month
  • Upgrade and repair any necessary part
  • Look out for any malfunctioning parts and replace them
  • Do not place the dispensers in places like to cause an accident

Fortunately, most manufacturers offer a warranty that covers maintenance services.

Choosing the Right Water Dispenser

It is important to understand the different types of water dispensers and how they operate. However, the challenge arises when deciding the best water dispenser for your needs. What factors should you consider?  Read on!

  • Various Designs

What will water dispenser design fit in your space? Will it fit on your countertop without appearing too cluttered? Will it blend with the rest of the house design?  Will it occupy too much space?

  • Features

What features do you want in a dispenser? Some of the features that come with a dispenser include a storage compartment for holding the cups or the cold/hot water feature. If you are in a busy office, you might need a dispenser with a storage compartment that will hold the cups. If you live in a cold region, you might want to a dispenser with cold and hot water feature.

  • Intended Use

Do you want to use it at home,school, or office? The population of the chosen area influences the buyer’s decision. For instance, the bottles/point of use dispenser would not be ideal for a small household. Or the top /bottom leading would not be suitable for a busy office.

  • How Much Water Do I Need?

How much water is needed on a daily basis? Invest in a smaller unit if there are few people involved. Similarly, get a large unit where there is a huge population.

  • Water Source And Refilling

Do you want to purchase water on a regular basis? Or do you prefer getting your water direct from the source?  Options are fine, however, you need to ensure your home or office can handle the direct line option.

  • Fitting In With Your Style

Do you want something that matches with the rest of the surrounding? For instance, you would go for a white dispenser that blends well with the rest of the kitchen equipment.

  • Brand

Some people are obsessed with brands.  Whatever the case, it is important to buy a water dispenser from a reputable brand manufacturer. It comes with benefits such as warranty and high-quality products.

  • Price

How much can you afford? Your budget plays a major role in determining what water dispenser you will buy. The good is news is that there water dispensers with quality features and work efficiently and do not have to be expensive. Conduct thorough research before making a purchase

Choose what works best for you and get the best drinking water at all times.

Buy the Best Water Dispenser

A water dispenser has become a necessary item in our homes and offices.  The water dispenser gives a continuous supply of clean and fresh water. Some dispensers even have hot and cold water features making them more versatile. However, the challenge arises when choosing the best water cooler for your needs.

Some of the critical aspects to look out for include energy saving, efficiency, design, how many people will it serve, and your budget among other factors. Also, it is important to ensure you follow all the maintenance procedures so that it serves you better.

Best on the review of the best dispensers and buying guide above,The Avalon Commercial Grader takes the day. For starters, it is a bottle-less dispenser eliminating the need of buying water bottles. It has a self-cleaning mechanism that ensures you get clean drinking water all the time. Secondly, it has three temperature setting allowing you to take water at different temperatures.

It also has a sturdy construction and a stainless tank that it rust resistant. It is energy efficient which help saves on the power bills. It is UL approved and tested too. It comes with a child safety lock on the hot water tap minimizing the risk of potential accidents. Lastly, it has a nice finish and blends with any existing décor in a room.


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