How to Install a Security Light from Scratch

Without security lights, a home will not be complete. Fortunately, with the growth of technology and the emergence of new companies that are willing to provide affordable but efficient security lights, it is now possible for every homeowner to install high-quality security lights for their properties. While it is true that electricians are responsible for fixing these security lights, you can learn how to install a security light from scratch and achieve the same high-quality results. All you need to do is follow the guide below:


How you prepare for this project hugely determines whether you will be successful or otherwise. Since you are installing a security light from scratch, you should first pick your spot. Top electricians advise that you should pick a spot where there is an existing light for DIY projects. It is also at the preparation stage that you will need to gather all the tools and materials that you will need for this job. Clear the area of any unwanted materials that may cause injuries or hinder you from working well.

Get Rid of the Existing Lighting

Installing a security light from scratch means that you do away with what was previously there and starting a new project. In that case, after making sure that the switch is switch off, remove the existing lighting in readiness for your new security light installation. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws carefully and remove the bulb (without breaking it) then keenly disconnect the wires.

Install Your Security Light

If you have never installed a security light before, you will have to rely on the manufacturer’s guide to get this step right. If you have to disassemble the parts of the security light, do so carefully and store the screws safely. Take the base of the security light and screw it at your preferred spot. Allow the hanging electricity cables to pass through the middle of the security light for proper connection. However, this will depend on the design and the provided instructions.

Connect the Wires

The rule of the thumb here is to connect the wires with the ones that correspond with their colors. For instance, the white wire from the house should always connect with the white wire from your security light. The same is true for the green and black wires. Use a wire nut to secure the wires to the surface, avoid leaving any hanging wires.

After connecting the wires, install the upper parts of the security light if you had to dismantle them in the first place. The parts should be put back carefully to avoid the possibility of short-circuiting that will end the life of your security light even before it starts.

Test the Security Light

The security light that you started installing from scratch is now almost complete. Before switching on the light, first, ensure that all the connections are in place. Ensure that all the naked wires are masked with an electrician’s tape and that there are no hanging wires. Also, ensure that there is no way that water from rain or any other source will get to your security light.

After ascertaining that everything is okay, turn the power on and observe. As aforementioned, the growth of technology has had its influence on security lights. Today, most security lights can detect motion and light with a specific intensity. In that case, you will also have to adjust the motion sensor to cover the regions that are mostly used in your compound or balcony. the position of the motion sensor is critical to determining the efficiency of your security light.

Clear the Area

If you are satisfied with your work, it is time to clear your site, remove all the remains from electric wires, masking tape, and any other junk. Leaving your site clean is an unwritten rule that needs to be adhered to after every project.


You can learn how to install a security light from scratch and do so without having to seek the services of a professional electrician. If anything, installing a security light is one of the simplest things that an electrician can do. All you have to do is have the right tools and follow the steps provided in this article.


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