How to Install LED Strip Lights on Ceiling

How to Install LED Strip Lights on Ceiling

As of now, it is no longer a question of if you need to install led lights in your home. How to install LED strip lights on the ceiling is the question that you should be asking.

Given that many types of LED lights are available; you first have to think about the best placement before you can start the installation process.

Fortunately, this article takes you through everything that you need to know.

How to Install LED Strip Lights on Ceiling at Home

1. What is Your Type of Ceiling?

Modern homes can acquire any design with plenty of them available. when installing LED strip lights in your home, you need to be aware of all the variables. The most common type of ceiling is the drop-down type and that is what we are going to focus on here.

Drop-down ceilings are designed to sit lower than the main ceiling. They are mostly in place for decorative purposes and they look even better with LED strip lights. In some regions, they go by the name suspended ceilings or false ceilings.

2. Preparation

This stage is very critical as it determines how smoothly your project will run. Here, you first have to decide whether you will install your LED strip lights horizontally (facing upwards) or vertically (facing downwards). However, regardless of your choice, it is important to note that the lights must always be installed behind the lip usually located on the edge of your ceiling.

It is at this stage as well that you will remove the previous lights (if any) in readiness for the new LED strip lights. You will also need to gather all the tools and materials that you will need for this project. This includes (but not limited to) screwdrivers, screws, electrician’s tape, a ladder, and pliers.

Professionals advise that you should also connect the strip lights to ensure that they are in good condition before installing them on your ceiling. This will help avoid disappointments at the later stages.

 3. Install Your LED Strip Lights

After picking your spot and you have enough room to install your LED strip lights, it is time to do the honors. Start by cutting your strips to size then attach them to your ceiling. Remember to put a masking tape at the end of each piece for better recognition. You can apply some silicon of the strips to ensure that they do not come off when they get hot.

After installing your LED strip lights, check to ascertain that they are in a straight line and they go through the corners without any stitches. After that, you will need to install your DMX console depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. The connections of the wires should also be similar to the ones provided by the manufacturer.

4. Program your console

After you have installed your LED strip lights on your ceiling, it is time to set up your DMX console depending on the patterns that you want to see in your house. This stage entirely relies on your personal desires so you should be able to go around it with ease.

5. Test your LED strip lights

The final stage is to check if everything is functioning properly. Power the whole system on and observe how the lights light. If the fuse blows or there is any form of inconsistency, quickly power it off and revisit your connections.

6. Pro tips

When installing your strip lights on your ceiling, the following tips will help you go around the task quickly:

  • Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regardless of how many times you have fixed these lights before.
  • Test that the strip lights are function before you install them and after you install them.
  • Have all the materials and tools that you will need for the project before starting.

Conclusion – How to Install LED Strip Lights on Ceiling

LED strip lights provide your home or office with a modern touch. You can literally create any design, color intensity and temperature that you want with the aid of a control system.

Remember, LED strip lights, just like any other LED lights do not use a lot of energy and are very efficient.

This article has taken you through the process of how to install LED strip lights on the ceiling with the hope that you can learn something from it.

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  1. I’m planning to switch from Halogens & CFLs to LED lights. I tech guy advised me to buy high CRI(Color-Rendering-Index) lights. Does it really matter?


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