LED Ribbon Lights – How Do I Choose Best LED Ribbon Lights in 2020

Here is a guide that lists the most frequently asked questions around the LED ribbon lights. Do not hesitate to ask us other questions via the contact form.

How to cut an LED Ribbon, an LED Strip

What are the differences between an LED Ribbon, an LED Strip, an LED Ribbon, and an LED Headband?None, they are synonyms therefore designating the same product, namely a flexible ribbon composed of LEDs.

What are the important features for an LED Ribbon?

To help you choose the LED strip best suited to your project, here are some properties to know:

The type of LED

With the exception of the 1m silicone strips, all our LED strips are equipped with LED SMD (“Surface-Mount Device”, i.e. “Surface Mounted Component”). Small and extra flat, you can use them in many applications.

The numbers you will find next to the word “SMD” correspond to the size of the LED expressed in millimeters. For example, a multi-colored LED ribbon (RGB) is equipped with LED SMD 5050, i.e. a square LED of 5 mm side (5.0×5.0mm).

LED type: 5050, 2835

The number of LEDs per meter

The more LED you have per meter, the more powerful the lighting will be as the gap between each LED will be reduced. A LED ribbon with a large number of LEDs will consume however more.

For example, a tape with 240 LED per meter will consume 24 watts per meter, as opposed to a 60 LED/m ribbon, which will consume 4.8 watts per meter.

  •         Number of LEDs per meter for a single-color LED ribbon
  •         Number of LEDs per meter for an RGB LED ribbon
  •         The voltage

The vast majority of our ribbons operate in low voltage, in 12 volts. This allows you to adapt it to all your projects without electrical risk. The choice of LED ribbons lights, accessories, controllers, and dimmers is also more important in 12V. To power them, you can use:

  •         220V/12 power supply (waterproof and non-waterproof)
  •         A battery case
  •         A rechargeable battery

Consumption in Watts per Meter

Depending on the type of tape, you will not have the same consumption. That is why on the product sheet, you will find consumption in watts per meter.

This will allow you to associate the right power supply and/or the right controller or dimmer with the length of your LED fixture.

Waterproofing LED Ribbon Lights:

This data is expressed with 2 digits according to the IP prefix (“Protection Index”). The first number is the protection against solids and the second against water intrusion.

A non-waterproof LED tape is in IP20, you must not install LED Ribbon Lights in a damp or outdoor environment.

It does not support any water splash. Our led strips 12v waterproof are in IP54 and IP65. They are dustproof and waterproof from splashes in all directions.

Here are some other more aesthetic criteria to guide you when choosing LED Ribbons:

Ribbon width: Single-colored and adjustable white LED ribbons (CTCs) are 8mm wide, RGB 10mm and RGBW or RGB-W are 12mm wide.

The color of the PCB: The color of the circuit board where the LEDs are welded is white. If you need a black version, contact us via the form. It takes a minimum amount to order.

How Much Power Does an LED Ribbon Use

The power rating of each LED Ribbon is written on the packaging in form of watts (w), and output (V) and current (mA). However, the V and A ratings are the most important, and they must match that output by the power supply you buy.

Overall, the power you need will depend on the length of the flexible fixture (LED strip, neon LED, LED tape).

Once you have chosen the marker that fits the desired length, all you have to do is cut the LED strip with a simple pair of scissors. The fall can be reused, that is what we will see in the next two questions.

How to cut an LED Strip, an LED Ribbon

How do I connect an LED Strip Light 12V Waterproof?

You installed your LED tape but did not use the entire length of the fixture? No problem falls, and cut parts can reconnect electrically. We offer a range of fast connectors that avoid welding, for unicolor LED or RGB tape, waterproof or non-waterproof.

These connectors are very simple to use, the connection is ultra-fast and requires no welding. To learn more about their use follow this tutorial.

How do I weld a LED Ribbon Lights?

To weld two LED ribbons between them, or add a length of electric cable, follow this tutorial step-by-step with photos. If you have the choice between using a fast connector and welding, we recommend welding.

This is the safest solution because the connection is better and stronger. In addition, this solution has the advantage of not expanding the headband, which always allows you to use profiles. And for the making of a costume for example, it’s inevitable.

How do I stick a LED tape?

You must first clean the surface where the tape will be installed. Then it is very easy, you just have to remove the protection from the adhesive tape and stick it to the right place. The vast majority of our LED strips are equipped with a sticker back.

Only the 1-meter silicone strip, the bulb and slim lED neon and the neon LED tape are devoid of adhesive. For more information, read our full guide to sticking a LED tape.

What If Your LED Tape Peels Off

Before you buy your LED tape, make sure the sticker back is a 3M make. Many counterfeits have flooded the LED strip light market. All of our LED tapes with sticker back have a real 3M adhesive, either 200MP or 300MP.

These adhesives have good resistance to moisture, UV, and fit perfectly on aluminum, zinc, PVC, etc.

Then, to prevent your LED tape from peeling off, the installation holder should be thoroughly cleaned. Dust and grease the surface well and install your LED tape. If despite all these recommendations it does not hold on to the support, several solutions are offered to you.

How to Stick LED Ribbon / Strip Lights

You can use:

  • Neoprene glue
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • IP67/68 waterproof LED tape fastening clips: These small silicone-fastening clips are easy to install, just nail or screw them.
  • Velcro tape: The hook part is to be attached to the back of the LED ribbon. Both elements are equipped with adhesive. The velvet part is to be fixed on the installation support (tissue, wood…).
  • Magnetic stripe with or without sticker back: These are ideal for all ferrous supports.
  • Another alternative is to use an aluminum profile: They have the advantage of offering a complete solution in terms of integrating LED ribbons into your interior. With the use of profile, the heat from the ribbon experiences a better dissipation. It is also protected from dust.

How do I attach a LED tape to a garment?

You can use a Velcro tape. We offer a range of Velcro strips in black or white to install your LED ribbons (mono-color or RGB) on any garment. The velvet part should be sewn directly onto the garment.

Moreover, the crochet part should be glued with the adhesive to the back of the LED strip. You can easily remove the LEDs from your suit in order to wash it.

How Do I Attach a LED Ribbon Lights to a Ferrous Holder?

To install your flexible tape on a body or appliance use a magnetic stripe. The advantage is that you can put down and remove your fixture as many times as you like without damaging your support.

What LED Ribbon for the Kitchen and Worktop?

First, you have to determine if you prefer ambient lighting, therefore “decorative”, or functional lighting, i.e. intended to replace conventional bulbs.

Indeed, if you opt for decorative lighting, it is better to turn to a warm white, while a cold white will be better suited to functional lighting.

However, if you want to use both shades of white, a mixture of warm white AND cold white is possible with a single fixture, the Variable White LED Ribbon (CCT). You can also bring a festive side to your kitchen by using a color-changing LED (RGB) strip.

In both cases, we advise you to choose waterproof LED strips, which will prevent any deterioration in the event of contact with a liquid. Lighting power varies depending on the number of LEDs per meter (30, 60, and 120).

30 and 60 LEDs/m is a number suitable for ambient lighting, 120 LEDs/m offers enough power to replace conventional bulbs. As far as power is concerned, a sector branch (220V) is preferred since the installation is supposed to be fixed.

Feel free to browse our waterproof LED ribbon kits in warm white, our cold white waterproof LED ribbon kits, but also our waterproof CCT LED Ribbon Kits (cold white -hot white), and our waterproof RGB LED Ribbon Kits.

Since all of our LED strips have a sticker back, just stick them wherever you want.

What LED Ribbon Ceiling Lights For A (False) Ceiling?

As far as the ceiling is concerned, indirect lighting is often preferred to bring a “luminous halo” effect to the contours of the ceiling. In terms of colors, anything is possible:

  •         cold white to illuminate the room
  •         warm white to bring a cozy atmosphere
  •         cold white AND warm white with CCT technology
  •         Multi-colored (RGB) matching existing deco

Our customers often use a false ceiling or horn system to allow us not to direct the LED ribbon ceiling lights directly to the floor but to the ceiling or walls, in order to bring this famous halo effect.

If your room is low in humidity, such as a living room, bedroom, or hallway, you may very well opt for non-waterproof LED strips. On the other hand, if you have a lighting project for your bathroom, you will need to use waterproof LED strips.

What LED Ribbon Lights for a Living Room?

The same question arises for every room in the house: do you want ambient lighting (decorative), or useful lighting (to replace or complete the lighting of your room)?

In the first case, for ambient lighting to add a “cozy” touch to the room, a warm white is preferable. In the second case, to serve as room lighting, cold white will be more suitable, with a power of 120 LEDs per meter for example.

However, you can play with both shades of white with CCT LED Ribbons, which combine both cold white LEDs AND hot white LEDs. The remote control provided in the kit allows you to adjust the shade of white.

If you want to add a festive touch to your room, you can vary the colors, according to the ambient music. In this case, choose a color-changing LED ribbon, called “RGB” with a sound sensor.

With your LED ribbons with sticker backs, you just have to take off the protective film to stick them wherever you want.

What LED Ribbon for an Aquarium?

For an aquarium, of course, a waterproof LED Ribbon is required. Very often, cold white is preferred to warm white since it is about illuminating the aquarium; it offers a very nice visual rendering with a very reduced electrical consumption.

We recommend you choose a LED Ribbon with 120 LEDs/m in order to have a high power to illuminate the aquarium properly.

The “classic” LED Ribbon is not the only solution, you can also opt for a neon LED Ribbon. It is a light perfectly suited to the conditions of an aquarium with a LED strip fully protected by a 100% silicone envelope.

Another advantage is that there is no “points” effect as can be found on a classic LED ribbon, which therefore offers a continuous and harmonious light along the entire length.

Our kits are available in several lengths and have 220V power supplies to connect you directly to the area. You can also use an aluminum profile if you choose a classic LED ribbon.

What is “Color Temperature” in LED Ribbon Lights?

The color temperature indicates in Kelvins (K) the hue of the LED ribbon, sometimes warm (yellow shade for a “hot” white), sometimes cold (slightly bluish shade for a “cold” white). For a “hot white” LED ribbon, the color temperature is between 2700 and 3000K.

Colder lighting reaches values between 6000 and 6500K. Just like sunlight, the color of artificial light affects our feeling, the feeling of comfort in a space.

Indeed, depending on the luminous atmosphere you wish to create, it will promote either a warm hue or a cold hue:

The “hot white” light is ideal for creating a warm, hushed atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for lighting the rooms and the living room, rooms where one seeks to relax.

The “cold white” light will instead be used in stores to highlight products and objects. It is more suitable for stimulating environments and work environments.

Color Temperature on LED Ribbon Lights

Unlike the “Hot White” and “Cold White” LED strips, each of which incorporates a type of LED dedicated to one hue, the “Variable White” LED strips, known as “CCT” for “Correlated Color Temperature: CCT”, mix the two.

1 hot white LED and 1 cold white LED, which allows you to play between the two atmospheres.

What Does the Abbreviation RGB Mean for a LED Ribbon?

This is a LED ribbon capable of changing color via the use of a controller. The different shades are obtained by mixing the 3 primary colors that are red (Red), green (Green) and blue (Blue), hence the resulting RGB abbreviation.

These 3 colors are present on the same chip. Check out this tutorial: “What is RGB LED lighting?”Read on to discover more.

Can You Get White with an RGB LED Ribbon?

Yes, it is possible to have white with an RGB LED ribbon. However, it will not be pure white, because the ribbon will combine the 3 primary colors to get there. There are ribbons that combine color-changing LEDs, with real white LEDs.

These are called LEDs RGBW (W-white, cold white) and RGBWW (WW-warm white, warm white).

Can You Get White with an RGB LED Ribbon Lights?

As you have gathered by now, it is not a good idea to choose an RGB LED strip to produce white. Instead, choose an RGBW LED (RGB White) strip, which incorporates RGB and cold white on each LED.

You can also choose an LED RGB-W ribbon alternating between 1 LED RGB and 1 cold white LED. There are the hot white equivalents, RGBWW and RGB-WW.

What is an RGBW LED ribbon?

It is a color-changing ribbon that is equipped in addition to real white LEDs. Hence the abbreviation RGBW, the W meaning “white” or “white” in French. There are two models: the RGBW ribbon and the RGB-W ribbon.

TV LED lighting: Your TV in the Right Light

TV LED lighting ensures optimal film enjoyment. With a TV backlight, you bring a great atmosphere to your TV room and do something good for your eyes.

The TV is often the entertainment center in your own four walls. With modern devices you can not only watch TV, but much more. For example, they can be connected to the computer, can read information from USB sticks or can be extended with hard drives.

They can also be used for music and videos. Movies, photos and music videos are often viewed in the darkened room. TV LED lighting conjures up a fascinating atmosphere in no time. However, such a TV backlight can do a lot more.

Why Should I Backlight My TV with an LED Strip?

An LED TV backlight provides a relaxed and eye-friendly ambience in your living room. With the choice of color and intensity, you can design the living atmosphere individually according to your own ideas.

With the different products in the MecksHome online shop, you can tailor the TV backlight to your furnishing style and your personal TV preferences.

Neutral and versatile is an LED ribbon with warm white light. It focuses on your TV and other devices as well as images as a backlight. The muted light provides a homely flair.

LED Strip Backlit TV

For a cool touch, light in blue tones is a good choice. Action movies, thrillers or thrillers, as well as trendy music videos, can be appropriately backed up with it. With color changers, the hue can be perfectly matched to your wishes.

So you dive the room in romantic red for love movies and opt for green when enjoying nature documentaries. Tip: Even if the TV is not turned on, the backlight does a good job by creating an atmospheric light atmosphere in the room.

In addition to decoration purposes, the lighting of the TV also fulfills a particularly important task. When watching TV in dark rooms, the eyes tire very quickly. If the surroundings of the TV are bathed in a soft light, this effect is significantly mitigated.

Nothing stands in the way of the consumption of blockbusters, series, and mega-concerts.

What Is The Best Backlight Type For TV?

To illuminate the TV, you can buy various products online from MecksHome. A self-adhesive LED tape is quick to mount, and does not require drilling or screwing.

With a remote control, you can adjust the desired hue, and conveniently adjust for color-changing products.

If the ribbon length is not sufficient for your ideas, there are suitable extension sets to buy. The tapes are chained together in just a few simple steps. If you do not want to glue your TV or prefer flexible, location-independent lighting, you can use spots.

High-tech color lights not only offer interesting color effects, but can even be controlled from the mobile phone or iPod, for example.

Buy TV LED lighting at MecksHome

Get pure enjoyment into your home with an appealing LED backlight TV enjoyment. Everything you need to do so is available at MecksHome online shop. The range includes light bands and extensions as well as luminaires in different designs.

Explore the wide range of TV LED lighting and realize your boldest, most romantic and trendiest lighting ideas now with MecksHome!

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