Why are LED Lights Better?

The growth of technology has seen to it that Light Emitting Diodes, popularly known as LEDs make their way in the market and cementing their place.

So why are LED lights better? Many people still do not know why they should be switching to these technologically-enhanced lights.

This blog aims at giving you some water catching reasons as to why you should be switching to LED lights immediately. Here are the main ones:

1. LED lights are energy efficient

This is perhaps the biggest reason why you should be switching to these lights. For a long time, scientists have been struggling to figure out how they can create energy efficient lights.

It is said that LED lights use about 90% less energy as compared to the traditional types of lights such as the fluorescents.  For instance, you can be able to achieve the same effect as a 50-watt halogen or incandescent bulb using an LED light.

Simply put, LED lights to help you save on a lot of energy.

2. Guarantees Safety

It has been established that using an LED light is generally safer than using the traditional bulbs. For instance, traditional bulbs such as the fluorescent are known to convert about 90% of the power they use into heat.

This can cause injuries such as burns. On the other hand, LED lights hardly produce any heat. Additionally, they do not produce the harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your skin. These lights are not only energy efficient but also very safe for use.

3. Plenty of Colors to choose from

LED lights also encourage diversity. With the many available colors to choose from, you can now prepare for that function properly.

Unlike the traditional lights where they all had the same boring color, LED lights are offering a different taste. You now also have the power to pick your preferred temperature chart.

4. They are naturally small

Looking at the actual LED device, you will realize that it is very small. This makes it easy to use the device to perform many applications not to mention that it takes very little space.

These applications include aiding in traffic lights, enhance modern day lighting, serve well in commercial applications and fits perfectly in every home.

5. LED lights are Environmentally Safe

If you care about the environment, LED lights are your first choice when it comes to lighting. The traditional lights such as the fluorescent ones had a reputation for using mercury and other components.

These were otherwise harmful when released into the air. It, therefore, needed one to handle them with care and dispose of them safely once they were no longer functional.

However, the new LED lights have components that are environmentally friendly for their making. Even so, they also have a longer lifespan as compared to the traditional bulbs. You will therefore rarely have to dispose them.

6. Provides instant lighting

The traditional lights such as the fluorescent lights had a reputation of taking some time before lighting. The cases were so bad that some people had to wait for up to 2 minutes for the lights to come on.

These were not ideal in any case whatsoever. With the introduction of LED lights, lighting your house or office is instantaneous. All you have to do is switch the lights on and you are ready to go.

7. Price is no longer an issue

There is no doubt that LED lights come with very many benefits as compared to the traditional ones. They are faster, more efficient and consumes far less energy.

With these in mind, it follows that the bulbs are a little bit costlier than the traditional ones. However, that argument may soon be irrelevant since the prices of LED lights are reducing by the day.

You can now find more of these products online at a cheaper price.

Verdict- Benefits of LEDs

Since the introduction of LED lights, there has been a joy for many homeowners. You can now have lights that consume way less energy, efficient, environmentally friendly, lights instantly and are affordable at the same time.

There is no doubt that LED lights are the future and the future is now. If you were having any doubts about the credibility of these bulbs, you have nothing to fear as they are very safe for home use.

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