Welcome and follow the following easy steps to discover how to clean a water dispenser bottom load.

You will need 4 cups of distilled white vinegar. This is the active ingredient that gets rid of the stubborn stains and strong odor from the water dispenser.

You also need 12 cups of clean drinking water. Yeah, you want to clean the bottom load dispenser with water fit for drinking.

Before you start, mix the white vinegar with the water to make your cleaning solution.

For scrubbing, you need a soft piece of clean cloth. A clean sponge is also okay.

A bleach is optional, but you may need one to complement the vinegar’s sanitizing properties.

Clean Water Dispenser Bottom Load Deeply in 14 Steps

Power-off Bottom Load Dispenser

Step 1: Turn the Dispenser

Turn off the water dispenser using its power button. The button is at the back for most dispensers.

Step 2: Unplug It

Unplug the cooler from the mains.

Step 3: Remove the Water Bottle

Remove the water bottle cooler from the bottom compartment. Carefully detach the cooler’s water pump suction unit from the water bottle.

Step 4: Drain the Water

Drain the water in the water cooler into a large bowl or pitcher. To do that, press and hold down both spigots.

Clean  Dispenser with Cleaning Solution

Step 5: Place Pump in Cleaning Solution

Place the water pump’s suction unit into a bucket with the mixture of your cleaning solution. This is the unit the dispenser uses to draw water into the spigots.

Step 6: Drain Cleaning Solution Through Spigots

Hold down the water cooler spigots and drain half of the cleaning solution into a large pitcher or bowl.

Step 7: Let the Cleaning Solution Sanitize the Spigots

Leave the rest to sit for 30 minutes. During this time, the cleaning solution in the system will sanitize the bottom load dispenser.

Step 8:  Drain the Cleaning Solution Again

Again, hold down the water cooler spigots to drain the remaining solution into a large bowl or pitcher as well.

Step 9: Repeat Draining Multiple Times

Repeat step 8 multiple times with fresh, clean water to rinse the dispenser. You do this about five times.

Step 10. Install a Fresh Bottle of Water

Place a new 5-gallon of fresh drinking water in the cabinet. Then install the dispenser’s water pump as usual.

Taste the Water After Cleaning Dispenser

Step 11. Taste the Water

Drain a cup of water through all the spigots and taste it. Do that to make sure the cooler is primed and ready for use.

Step 12: Clean the Dispenser’s Back-side

Next, use a clean cloth to wipe the mesh at the back and the tube condenser. That should remove any dirt and dust at the back.

Step 13. Power the Bottom Loading Dispenser

Plug the cooler back in the mains. Switch on the power.

Step 14: Turn on the Dispenser

Turn on the unit using its power buttons on the back.

That is How to Clean Water Dispenser Bottom Load

The above method deep cleans your bottom load water dispenser, kills any microbes, and restores its system to a healthy state. You can now enjoy cleaning and odorless drinking water from the dispenser again.

You should make a point of cleaning your water dispenser, even if they have a self-cleaning feature. That is because most cannot get rid of microbes if they happen to be there.

You can repeat this process once a month. But at least do it twice a year, even when you don’t use your dispenser that often.

Deep clean water dispenser bottom load to Kill Germs

If you don’t clean your dispenser often, germs can build up and lead to poisoning. This is especially true for dispensers that are used by numerous people. That happens when people touch the spigots and leave germs such as bacteria and viruses there.

These then move into the bottom load dispenser’s water system and form colonies inside the spigots. Cleaning the dispensers kills those germs.

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