Installing LED Lights in Ceiling

LED lights are efficient, long lasting and are friendlier to the environment. However, many people still have a problem with installing LED lights in ceiling.

Thankfully, this article provides you with all the details that you need to know concerning the project. Switching to LED lights is no longer a matter of if but a matter of when.

This is considering the fact that LED lights have plenty of advantages over the traditional lights such as the halogen and fluorescent ones.

Installing LED Lights in Ceiling in 6 Steps

1. Preparation

Just like any other project at home, you need to prepare very well before attempting to install LED lights in ceiling. If anything, installing these lights in the ceiling can prove a complicated task so you have to get every detail right.

In this stage, gather all the tools that you will need for the project. These may include screwdrivers, screws, a ladder, new LED lights, masking tape,and pliers.

You will also need to switch off the power from the main switch to avoid accidents and risks of electric shocks.

2. Prep Your Ceiling

Decorative LED lights can be used both for lighting, saving energy, and for decorative purposes.

In that case, it is important to note that the lights will highlight any faults in your ceiling, therefore, there is need to prep the surface thoroughly.

Start by removing the old fixtures and lights to give room for the new LED lights.  Once done, you can sand or paint the area in accordance with the theme of your ceiling LED lights.

3. Install the LED Lights

Once your ceiling surface is ready, the next step is to install the lights. Because there are different brands and designs of LED lights, it is important to follow the instructions that come with the package.

It does not matter how many times you have installed this kind of lights before, you just have to follow the instructions.

In most cases,however, the instructions are always almost similar. Start by fixing the nipple to the area that you want to install your LED lights.

The nipple always goes hand in hand with the mounting fixtures. Take your LED lights and connect them to the hanging electrical cables.

Start by connecting the ground wires then proceed to the black and white ones. You should be very careful at this stage because any mess will bring you back even after you think you are done with your project.

4. Finish the Installation

After connecting all the wires to their designated spots of your LED lights and you are satisfied with the results, screw the parts tightly in place.

Make sure that you screw all the ends equally so that the light will distribute equally in your room. Use masking tape to cover all the naked parts of the wires.

5. Test Your Connections

After you have put all the pieces together, there is only one way that you can figure out of your project is a success or otherwise. Turn of the main switch and switch on the lights.

If the fuse blows or the lights are lighting strangely, you need to revisit your connections at the junction box. This might be as a result of wires crossing each other or bad connections.

6. Pro Tips

The following pro tips will help you go through the project quickly:

  • Always follow your LED lights manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always gather all the tools and materials that you will need for the project beforehand.
  • Test that the LED lights are working before installing them. This will minimize the number of possible causes of failure in case the lights don’t light in the end.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for professional advice in case you do not understand something. Prevention is always better than cure.

Conclusion – Installing LED Lights in Ceiling

LED lights are here to guide us into the future. They are energy saving, light instantly, efficient and can be used for several applications.

There is no doubt that they are better than the traditional halogen and fluorescent lights in almost all aspects. It is for those many reasons that you need to consider installing LED Lights in your ceiling.

This article has provided you with everything you need to know about the project. Remember to follow the pro tips provided for a smooth sail in your quest.

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