Primo Water Dispenser Cleaning – How to Clean Primo Water Dispenser

There is no doubt that a water cooler is one of the most convenient tools in any home. And that is why you need to learn about primo water dispenser cleaning.

Just like any other important tool, a water cooler Primo water dispenser needs regular cleaning to ensure that the water dispensed is clean and safe for consumption. Additionally, cleaning your water cooler regularly allows it to last for as long as possible.

While it is true that many types of water coolers are available, with all having different cleaning methods, today I want to focus on how to clean a Primo water cooler through this article.

Primo Water Dispenser Cleaning – The Self-Cleaning Feature

Before we continue, it is important to recognize and appreciate that today, thanks to the growth of technology, we have Primo water coolers with self-cleaning features. If you are lucky to own one of these, your cleaning work is much simplified!

All you have to do is locate where the self-cleaning button is, activate it and you are good to go. Remember to do this at least once every week and remember to fetch enough water for drinking before you activate the self-cleaning feature.

Cleaning Manual Primo Water Coolers

If you still own a Primo Water Dispenser and cooler, which many people do, worry not because I am going to take you through the process of how to clean it using vinegar.

While there are a lot of other ways that you can clean a water cooler, I prefer vinegar because it is very safe and effective as compared to the other means.

However, you must be very careful with this method not to leave behind any pungent smell from the vinegar solution.

1. Preparation

The preparation stage is important as any other stage when cleaning your  Primo water cooler. Start by unplugging the electricity cable from the socket and drain all the water from the reservoirs.

Turning off electricity supply is important to avoid any risk of electrocution and other injuries especially from dangling cables. You will also need to have a clean cloth, a bucket and plenty of clean water.

2. Mix the Vinegar Solution

How you mix vinegar with water will determine how successful you will be in your quest. The rule of the thumb here is to mix the solution in the ration of 1:3.

That means you should mix one unit of vinegar with 3 units of water. While at it, you can include some lemon fluids to help you do away with the strong vinegar scent if you so prefer.

3. Cleaning Your Water Cooler

Cleaning a water cooler is different from cleaning any other type of water cooler. For this, you will need to pour the vinegar solution (prepared in the step above) into a bottle similar to the water bottles that your cooler can hold.

Connect the bottle with the vinegar solution into your water cooler and allow the solution to run through its system for about 15 minutes to ensure that all the interior cleaning parts are cleaned.

4. Rinse Properly – Primo Water Dispenser Cleaning

After 15 minutes, remove the bottle with the vinegar solution from your cooler and replace it with one that has clean water.

Allow the clean water to run through the Primo water Dispenser spigot system for some time before removing the water bottle and replacing it with another one containing cleaning water.

Repeat the process up to 4 times to ensure that the water cooler is thoroughly cleaned and there are no traces of vinegar smell.

5. Dry the Interior Parts

Rinsing alone is not enough. Use a clean cloth to dry clean the interior parts of your Primo water cooler together with the drip tray. This will ensure that your drinking water does not have a sour taste.

6. Assemble the Parts

Put all the parts of the cooler that you dissembled including the drip tray and place new bottled water into the cooler. Connect the power cable back to the socket and put it on in preparation for the next cycle of pure drinking water.

Conclusion – Primo Water Dispenser Cleaning

For those who have been asking, that is how to clean a Primo Water Dispenser. As it turns out, cleaning a Primo Water Dispenser is not as hard as it may seem on paper. Follow the steps above for a guaranteed flow of clean drinking water.

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