Best Lawn Mower Reviews

We all have to agree that best lawn mowers have changed the way our lawn and pitches look. Without them, we wouldn’t have the great nicely manicured lawns, and the great relaxing views that come with them. A lot has changes since the first lawn mowers were invented, and today we have various brands and models to choose from. Moreover, even with the same brand, you still have a wide selection of mowers to choose from, and several factors should guide your choice of the best lawn mower.

Several factors determine the type of mower you are going to buy. Those factors are its horsepower, mode of power, size of your lawn, noise level that can be tolerated, type of grass, and personal preferences. Moreover, irrespective of those basic factors, anyone would want a lawn mower that will give a ROI, and even offer a lifetime service. For manufacturers, that means they have to invest more in the quality of components used to make the mower, and do a careful selection of suppliers of components they don’t make themselves.

That adds up to one thing, cost of production. It’s therefore reasonable to expect that the budget mowers that offer more functionality will lack in durability. In other cases, mowers have to be durable but will only basic mowing functions. In the event that you want a high-end mower, which will offer all functionalities of the best lawn mower, then you have to pay a premium price. Your choice of what you wish to buy will therefore boil down to a balance between price and functionality required.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews

In this review, we are going to look at mowers that offer a balance between price and functionality, as well as lawn mower brands that focus more on functionality, which makes theirs the best lawn mower in the market.

1. Lawn-Boy 17732 Best Lawn Mower for Small Lawns

The Lawn-Boy 17732 is an ideal best commercial walk behind mower for use on small to medium sized lawns. It’s rear wheels are self-driven, making it among the best self propelled lawn mowers. The rear wheel drive system is designed too provide you with between control and traction when mowing hilly terrains. To make it easier to work faster and change the way you mow your loan, it comes with two cutting height levels, which you adjust from the side.

Starting this best gas powered lawn mower is easy; you just need to make one or two pulls to get it started. It’s fitted with a Kohler 149cc engine that provides 6 feet-pounds if torque. Moreover, its engine meets the CARB regulations of the state of California, one of the strictest in the US. You therefore don’t have to worry about breaking state laws when you buy this mower.

The rear wheel self-propel design is one of the features that will make you love this mower. It simple takes all the work from your hands and places it on the mower. You just have to walk behind it and provide guidance, which is why it’s considered one of the best commercial walk behind mowers. If you run a mowing business for home around where you live, this is what you need to take your business to a new level.


Why It’s Best Lawn Mower for Small Lawns

This mower comes with a Kohler XTX engine gives this mower a reliable performance because it easy to maintain and it’s robust. Unlike many other engines, this unit’s engine doesn’t need any oil-change to function properly. The 3-in-1 discharge design means you have the option to use a side discharge, rear, or even mulching when mowing your lawn. That makes it an ideal for home use and small business use, which is why you should buy this unit.

The Lawn-Boy 17732 uses a tri-cut cutting system that includes a 21-inch steel dome. The steel dome is light in weight, but also strong and durable. It’s one of the reasons that this mower provides a superior cut, and has excellent mulching performance. When combined with the two-point adjustable height, it makes this unit handy to use for maintaining all kinds of lawns.

Highlighted Features

  • Large-capacity bag
  • 3-in-1 discharge design
  • Two-height cutting design
  • It’s self-propelled rear wheel
  • Walk bending design


  • This mower doesn’t require an oil-change
  • You don’t need to push it while mowing.
  • Designed for use on hilly terrain
  • The self-propelled wheels increase tractions.


It’s not an industrial-grade mower, it’s designed for homes and small businesses

2. Greenworks 17-Inch 40V Best Cordless Mower

The Greenworks 17-Inch 40V is one of the best cordless lawn mowers that uses a 40V Lithium battery system. It has a 2-in-1 discharge design, and you may adjust its mowing height for up to 5 positions. For most small lawns found in a typical US home, you can mow it using a single battery charge. It doesn’t come with a battery or charger, but you can order both when buying this unit.

The Greenworks 17-Inch 40V comes with a 17-inch deck that’s lightweight but with a versatile design. It allows you to cover a relatively large section of your lawn in a single swoop, which saves times and increases it efficiency. Furthermore, it protects you from debris, such as when you accidentally hit a pebble.

The 2-in-1 design makes it possible to choose between a mulching and rear bagging discharge when mowing. That makes it easy to mow your lawn without having to back and mulch or bag the cut grass. If you are working on a clock, you will find the 2-in-1 feature to be a lifesaver.

Normally when moving different types of grass, you need to think of how high or low you need to cut the grass. This unit takes that burden from you by making it easy to cut the grass to five different heights. The least amount if height to which you can cut the grass is 1-1/4″, while the maximum height allowed is 3-3/8 inches.

Why Buy the Best Cordless Mower?

The 40V battery system carries sufficient power to mow any small lawn of a US home. That makes it the best lawn mower for small lawns, and therefore an ideal mower for most small homes. Moreover, this mower eliminates the need to store gas, all you need to do is plug it in your wallet outlet to recharge your battery and get back to work. Moreover, its modular design means you can buy two or more battery packs to increase its mowing range.

This unit is designed to make your mowing life easy. You don’t need to pull codes, buy gas, do oil changes, and carry out regular maintenance. It’s simply a green mowing solution for your loan, and therefore the best cordless mower.

Highlighted Features

  1. 17″ lightweight deck
  2. 2-in-1 discharge feature
  3. 5-position height adjustment
  4. Modular 40V battery

Cordless Mowing platform


  • You can start it with a button switch.
  • It’s possible to adjust mowing height.
  • Uses a modular battery design, which makes changing it easy
  • The choice between two discharge options makes it easy to operate.


  • It doesn’t come with a battery.
  • You have to buy it separately.

3. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Best Push Mower 2017

The Greenworks 16-Inch comes with a 4.0 AH Battery, has a cordless design, and most important, you don’t have to worry about servicing it. It doesn’t makes excessive noise as you mow around, neither does it require to pull cords to get it started. As long as the battery is charged, all you have to do is press a button to start mowing.

The G-MAX 40V 2Ah Li-Ion Battery is designed to mow a small to medium sized loan without having to recharge it. It’s capable of mowing a 400 square meters field on a single charge. That’s a bigger lawn than what you would find on a small to medium sized lawn. Moreover, that’s the size of the loans you would find on the premises of most businesses.

Mowing can be challenging at times when you need to mow to different heights to get the ideal finish. Thanks to its 5-position height design, you don’t have to worry about that. You may choose to mow the grass to as low as 1-1/4 inches, or go to as high as 3-3/8-inches. This mower is therefore one of the best, whether you need to for your lawn manicure business or for your home.

What Makes It Cordless Best Push Mower 2017

Noise pollution is one of the greatest challenges we face when mowing using gas powered mowers. That’s if you haven’t yet invested in a battery powered lawn mower such as this one. It operates silently, making it ideal for use close to offices or homes. If you have been finding it a challenge to transition from a gas powered mower to an electric mower, then this is what you need to start inevitable journey.

The 16-inch cutting deck and 5-position adjustable cutting height, is combined with a 2-in-1 discharge feature to create one of the best mowing machines. The 2-in-1 discharge feature allows you to work faster, and make good use of your mowing time. You don’t have to come back and mulch the cut grass or collect bag. Simply accomplish everything at once.

Highlighted Features

  • 16 inch cutting-deck
  • 5 position cutting-height
  • 2-in-1 feature
  • Power button
  • Includes 40V 2Ah Li-Ion battery
  • 7-inch rear wheel
  • 6-inch front wheel


  • It’s easy to operate.
  • Silent operation
  • Adjustable mowing height
  • Comes ready for mowing with a battery pack
  • A cordless design makes it highly portable


  • You have are limited to mowing 400 square meters before recharging

4. BLACK+DECKER CM2060C 60V Best Manual Push Mower

The BLACK+DECKER CM2060C is one of the best electric lawn mower that gives you multiple mowing options. It has a cordless design, which makes it ideal for mowing away from a power source. It comes with a battery pack and a charger, which allows you to test it immediately. Moreover, BLACK+DECKER has tested its batteries to make sure they provide optimum power for this unit. Overall, this is one of the best electric powered mower units for small to medium sized lawns.

It has a power swap design which lets you exchange the power units with ease, which is what is required when mowing expansive loans. As long as you have more than two units, you will be able to mow any large sized lawn without taking a break so the batteries can recharge. Moreover, its 60V – 2.5 ah Max lithium batteries are designed to give double the mowing time per recharge that you would get from similar sized batteries.

It’s normal for different customers or homes to require that you mow your lawn to different heights. The BLACK+DECKER CM2060C makes that possible because it’s designed to be adjustable to a height of up to 4 inches, or you can go as low as 1 1/3 inches. If you are specific on how low or high you mow your lawn, then you will find the BLACK+DECKER CM2060C to quite helpful in regard.

Why It’s the Best Manual Push Mower

If you are conscious about saving energy, then you will be happy to know that this mower comes with an autosense technology that conserves battery power when possible. Furthermore, it includes a battery gauge that lets you know how much battery power is left. You will therefore be able to decide when you need to recharge before getting work, or how long you can go on before you need to stop and recharge or swap the batteries.

This unit is designed to cut a swath measuring 20 inches, and is suited to mowing lawns that don’t exceed 1/3 acre. It’s maximum batter voltage is 60V while the nominal battery voltage is 54V. That range is sufficient for you to work without experience a drop in performance, until the battery id depleted. Overall, this is among the best electric lawn mower for mowing up to 1/3 of an acre lawn. If are a small business owner, or you own a big home, you should consider investing in this unit.

Highlighted Features

  • 6-step height adjustment
  • 5 ah – 60V Max Li-ion batteries
  • Auto-sense battery conservation technology
  • 3-in-1 discharge configuration
  • Swappable battery design


  • This unit conserves the battery
  • You can mow in three possible configurations.
  • It has big wheels that make it easy to push
  • A lightweight design that improves performance
  • Cutting swath of 20 inches
  • You can swap batteries with the touch of a button


  • Unlike a gas-powered mower, its range is limited.

5. Great States 415-16 Best Inexpensive Lawn Mower For Small Yard

The Great States 415-16 is a 16-Inch Reel Mower that comes with a T-style handle and blades that are heat-treated. It has a 16-inch cutting width, an adjustable cutting height, which however has to be adjusted on both side of the mower. This inexpensive mower rolls on two 10-inch ball-bearing wheels. The cutting assembly is made of a tampered alloy steel reel and a bed knife blade, which work together to give your lawn a clean cut.

The Great States 415-16 Mower is easy to maneuver, and it’s perfect for small lawns situated in around premises where silence is highly desirable. Moreover, if you need to exercise, this mower offers you an opportunity to exercise your most of your body as you mower your lawn. It isn’t motorized, which gives an opportunity to expend extra calories while doing useful work. The handle is coated with a powder finish, which protects it from rust, and therefore prolongs its lifespan. Moreover, the heat-treated blades remain sharper much longer, eliminating the need for regular sharpening. For you, that means you get a quality cut for your lawn, and you don’t spend valuable time servicing the blades.

Why It’s the Best Inexpensive Lawn Mower For Small Yard

The Great States 415-16 is designed to give your grass a cleaner cut, much like using scissors to cut your grass. The cleaner cut means the grass isn’t hacked like the motorized blades while cutting grass at high speed. That protects your lawn from diseases and insects that find it easy to attack the torn glass-blades as opposed to the clean cut that allows the grass to close up and heal much faster. You therefore always finish mowing with your lawn looking great, greener, and healthier. Overall, you don’t have to wait for days for your lawn to get that healthy and green look.

Why It’s Best Inexpensive Lawn Mower For Small Yard

Without an engine or motor, you practically don’t need to maintain this mower. Moreover, starting it and mowing becomes as easy as walking to your lawn and starting to walk around. You don’t need to worry about refueling, recharging, pulling cords, doing an oil-change, replacing worn-out parts, or any other hassles associated with motorized mowing units. Most important, it’s super silent, and healthy to use. If you are going green, this could be a valuable addition to your list.

Well, once you are done mowing, you won’t need the mower for at least a week. You therefore need to find a place to store your mower. The good news is, this small unit is lightweight. You can store it in your garage, or even hang it on your wall. Overall, the Great States 415-16 is your best inexpensive lawn mower for small yard. Makes no noise, doesn’t emit smoke, requires no recharging, and its super easy to store.

Highlighted Features

  • Handle grips are cushioned
  • Bed Knife blades
  • Uses a tempered alloy steel-reel
  • Hardened side steel-plate
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Lightweight design


  • Adjustable cutting height of between ½ inch and 2 ½ inch
  • Your hands are protected when holding cushioned handles
  • You don’t need gas or batteries
  • Mows your lawn with a precise cut
  • It’s easy to maneuver


  • You have to adjust the cutting height from both sides.

6. Fikstars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

If you are looking for a budget lawn mower with a reputable performance, Fikstars StaySharp Max Reel Mower fits the bill.

The Fikstars StaySharp Max Reel Mower is a budget reel mower with blades that give a clean cut. It is an affordable lawn mower in the Fikstars Stay Sharp Series, but it has a remarkable performance. They are better compared to the rotary type cutters since they cut the grass into smaller pieces and the grass tips do not get brown away.

It is more like a traditional reel mower with a grass discharge at its rear and also has a grass catcher. It has blades that mow close to the shrubs without the clippings on the sideways. With the grass catcher strategically placed on its rear, it does not obstruct the user’s view, thus minimizing any potential accidents.

Some of the features that stand out include:

  • It is an eco-friendly mower that is 60 percent easy to push
  • This is ideal for all grass types and offers twice the performance, even on tough spots
  • It has a reversible grass chute that is easily positioned in any direction for easy and direct clipping. You can move it forward, backward, or far away from your feet
  • It has adjustable handles which makes it perfect even for the short people
  • The manufacturer offers a 3-year-limited warranty
  • It has wide blades that cut the grass and shrubs evenly giving your lawn a beautiful finish.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for a flat lawn with few weeds
  • Ideal grass length is 1.5 – 3.5 inches
  • Adjustable handle length
  • Has 60 percent ease of movement
  • Reel-mower design
  • Utilizes InteriaDrive technology for improved cutting


  • It is easy to operate
  • It is one of the best manual push mowers that comes at a budget and offers maximum performance
  • Has an adjustable blade height adjustment, making it perfect for people with different heights
  • It has a cutting system that needs less and frequent sharpening
  • It has a better edging for grass and shrubs close to trick edges such as foundations and sidewalks


  • It has less gear power and might need some more push
  • It does not cut grass higher than 4 inches

7. Troy-Bilt 382 cc 30 –Inch Riding Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt 382 cc 30 –Inch Riding Lawn Mower is one of the best riding lawnmowers with a 382 cc engine. It is the latest release of the Neighboring Lawnmower brand series with a 6-speed transmission and 4.25 miles per hour forward speed. It is the perfect mower for yards of up to one acre with a slight slope. The appliance comes with a 30-inch cutting deck that moves easily around shrubs and flower beds. It is compact enough to fit in a tool shed or one-car garage space. Beginners or people making the transition to riding mowers can find it a perfect tool.

This lawn mower has an adjustable blade system coupled with a manual power take-off which makes it easy to start the mower and move the blades. It has a steering wheel, comfortable seat, and a gas-gauge that allows the user to cut the grass comfortably. This tool also reduces the guesswork of determining the level of fuel. Troy-Bilt 382 cc 30 –Inch Riding Lawn Mower does not appear like a heavy- duty tool but it has an impeccable performance. Its superior engine performance delivers a huge amount of power and works at high speed. Also, the engine’s location at the rear reduces the ground riding speed for maximum efficiency.

The lawnmower utilizes the “fastattach” series where some accessories are sold differently, but they can be attached to the lawn mower without stress or help. It is easy to maneuver the steering wheel making lawn maintenance easy and effortless. Normally, a 2-year limited warranty is provided.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to maneuver steering wheel with a soft grip
  • 340 pounds with 26 by 34 by 36 inches
  • Has a fuel gauge which eliminates guesswork
  • 25 miles per hour ground speed
  • Powerful engine of 382cc
  • 30-inch cutting blade for a fine cutting


  • Has an easy blade engagement with a manual power-take-off
  • Has a 30 –inch cutting deck with six adjustable settings feature
  • Ideal for beginners and works well on even sloppy terrains
  • It has durable and long –lasting wheels
  • Has a comfortable mid-back seat for easy mowing


  • The six control speed features might be confusing to some users
  • Sometimes, it does not start out smooth

8. Remington 22-inch Trimmer Lawn Mower

The Remington 22-inch Trimmer Lawn Mower is the ideal lawn mower for thick weeds. It makes even the toughest job appear effortless. The gas-powered tool has a 22 – inch cutting blade gets the work efficiently and in no time. It comes with a powerful 159cc and 4 – cycle engine that makes the trimmer very convenient. It makes it easy to transport the mower and navigate it. This lawn mower also has an offset trimmer head that gets grass cut in places that seem hard to reach. It is also fuel efficient and saves you money. The tool can cut through 2-inch grass even when the terrain is not smooth. There are different setting options that make it easy even for beginners to operate.

It requires little energy to run the machine and will not remove any small weeds. Beginners can use it with ease. The wheels are high enough, which allows easy maneuverability when cutting the grass.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 cycle, 159 cc powerful engine
  • 22-inch-wide cutting blade
  • Large and high wheels for easy maneuvering in thicker bushes
  • Comes with off-set trimmer that works well in hard- to –reach places
  • It is gas-powered
  • Has three- adjustable positions for more control
  • Comes with a 2-year-warranty


  • It is easy to set-up
  • Compact making it easy to store
  • It comes with a 22-inch cutting width blade that works well even on therough and uneven terrain.
  • Comes with an off-set trimmer that cuts grass in hard-to-reach places
  • It works best on thick weed and long grass
  • Agile and lightweight.


  • The engine only operates at a preset speed
  • It is not suitable for the small and normal weeds
  • Sometimes, the lawn mower pulls to the left occasionally

9. Craftsman 37430 Briggs Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a reliable and premium gas-powered lawn mower that will save you money and show excellent results, look no further! The Craftsman 37430 Briggs Gas-Powered Lawn Mower is a 3-in-1 push lawn mower. It comes with a 1400 cc engine and a 21-inch cutting blade with that improves it’s efficient. The blades give a clear-cut leaving your lawn with a beautiful finish. It is designed to improve performance, thanks to its 11-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels.

The machine has a 3-in- 1 cutting mechanism which includes mulch, bag clippings, and a side discharge. You do not have to worry if you are a short user since the lawn mower comes with a six-point height adjustment feature. It is very easy to assemble since it entails extending the handle, adding a couple of bolts, and making a few adjustments which enable the mower to start. checking for the gas and oil is also easy.

Removing the gas cup is equally easy too. However, the dip stick is located in a location that might be hard to reach. It is found under the blower housing and the muffler making it hard to unscrew and fill with oil. This machine is one of the best-powered lawn mowers that starts easily and runs well. Although it is made from steel, it is light in weight. It is a push mower that is easy to push even on slightly sloppy terrains. There are three options for cutting grass and comes with a collector bag placed at its rear. It comes with a reliable spark plug that improves its efficiency.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 in 1 push lawn mower
  • California carb compliant
  • 140 cc engine
  • Weighs 65 pounds
  • 21-inch blade
  • 3-in 1 mechanisms
  • Gas-powered
  • Made of steel and lightweight


  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Can be adjusted to suit people of different height
  • Comes with a reliable spark plug
  • Easy height adjustment with one hand
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around


  • Putting the oil in the lawn mower is a bit tricky because of the gas tank position
  • The gas cup tends to comes off easily

10. Greenworks Pro 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

The Greenworks Pro lawn mower is one of the best cordless lawn mowers with a 21-inch width cutting blade. It is an 80 V cordless mower with a 4.0 AH battery and can cut up to one hour without stopping when the battery is fully charged. The lawn mower has digital controlled brushes that improve the tool’s efficiency and performance. It also utilizes the smart cloud load sensing technology that makes it more efficient and reliable in its working. This tool also displays versatility thanks to the 3-in-1 discharge feature. It has a side and rear discharge, and a mulching feature.

It takes 30 minutes for a rapid 2 AH and 80 V battery and one hour for an 80V 4 AH battery. The package comes with a compatible battery and charger. The lawn mower has an excellent design with adequate height and various cutting options. It is easy to start and stop the motor as long as the battery is fully charged. Additionally, it comes with an advanced push button and pulls switch option that is easy to operate.

The lawn mower has a brushless motor that delivers maximum performance without wasting power and less heating. Its smart cut technology helps to rev it up when it encounters thick or high grass. You do not have to worry about your lawn mower taking a lot of space. It has foldable handle knobs that allow it to occupy less space. It also produces low noise levels. However, it gets louder when it revs up to cut thick grass or stubborn shrubs.

Highlighted Features

  • Smart cut load sensing technology
  • 3-in-1 working mechanism
  • Comes with compatible battery and chargers
  • Brushless motor
  • Runs for up to 60 min
  • Low noise levels


  • Can cut long grass with ease
  • Can run for up to one hour non-stop
  • Has three cutting options
  • Easy to install and use
  • It is easy and light to move around
  • Has an adjustable handle for all-wheel lengths
  • It has a brushless motor
  • Has a short charging time
  • It is made from durable yet light in weight
  • Has durable lithium batteries
  • It produces low noise levels
  • Easy storage since it has foldable handles


  • It is not self-propelled
  • The mulching option does not work too well
  • It tends to lose some clippings during the bagging process

Which Is The Best Lawn Mower Type For Your Grass?

What is the best lawn mower for your mowing needs? There are different types of lawn mowers and the difference lies in their operation mechanism. There are two broad categories which include:

Reel Mower or Cylinder Lawn Mower

It is a lawn mower with 5-12 exposed blades placed at the front which trap and slice the grass as they rotate. Moreover, it acts like a pair of scissors, thanks to the blade fixed at the bottom. It also has a grass box in front. A lawn mower with more blades makes the work faster and effective.

What makes the cylinder lawn mower stand out? For starters, it cuts low and short grass. However, it is not ideal where the lawn has long grass. It calls for frequent mowing, like twice weekly, especially during the lawn growing season like spring for a good cut.

The Rotary Lawn Mowers

The second type is the rotary lawn mowers. They have a single blade at the bottom which rotates at an extremely high speed. The blade will chop the grass because of the high of the high impact that hits the ground and grass. The majority of the rotary lawn mowers come with a grass box at the back and work best on medium and high cut grass level.

Other Variations and How They Operate

There are other variations such as tractor mowers or ride-on-mowers. The hover mover is another common lawn type mower that is perfect for domestic use. They bear some resemblance to the rotary mowers but have no wheels. Also, there are hand mowers that operate similarly to the cylinder mowers but the user offers the power source.

Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Having understood the different types of lawn mowers and how they operate, you can now decide which the best lawn mower for your needs.

Lawn Mower Types

  • Walk-behind mowers

The walk-behind mowers would be perfect for small and medium sized lawns. They can be electric powered, corded, cordless, or gas-powered. Also, they are Eco-friendly and designed to meet the needs and convenience of the user.

  • The Riding Mowers

If you have a large property or do not feel like walking with your lawn mower as you work, the riding mowers come in handy. They have wide cutting widths that cut large tracts of grass in a short time. They come in forms such as garden tractors and rear engine riders.

  • Two-Behind Mowers

Are you mowing the golf course or taming overgrown grass in a field? The tow-behind mower is the perfect tool for the job and comes in forms such as trail cutters and trail mowers.

Size and Condition of Your Patch

The size of your lawn will determine the best lawn mower. For instance, for a small garden or tennis court, a small electric mower or hand pusher would be effective. Also, it would not be logical to use an electric-corded lawn mower to mow a large garden. Besides the awkwardness of the electric wire dragging behind you as you work, it is a potential health hazard.

The Power Source

What power source do you intend to use? There are several power sources such as petrol, gas- powered, and corded and non-corded power sources. However, some mowers rely on the energy from the user to move them around.

The power source to be used is often determined by the amount of work to be done.

  • Corded electric mowers work best on medium sized lawns
  • The cordless mowers are greatly influenced by how far the cable will reach.
  • Petrol mowers are very powerful but can be heavy for some users
  • A hand pushed mower means more energy used if you are working on a large area

Other considerations when Buying a lawn Mower include:

Grass Collection Technique

Do you want a rake that will gather all the grass clippings? Or do you want a lawn mower with a collection bag that mulches the grass back to the turf?


It might seem obvious but the price of the lawn power plays a major role while making a purchase. The petrol-powered lawn mower is cheap compared to the electric one. The choice lies in the intended use and the user’s convenience.

How Strong or Tall Are You?

If you are short, you might need a mower with an adjustable height handle for ease of use. The self-propelled mowers, mostly petrol-powered, are easy to use especially if the user feels they are not strong enough. Some of the models might be too heavy to move around.

Skill level

What are your skill levels? Can you ride a tractor lawn mower without causing any damage to yourself and people around you? There are hand-pushed lawn mowers that are perfect for beginners. Also, there are heavy-duty lawn mowers that can only be operated by experienced personnel.

Storage Space

How much storage space do you have for your lawnmower? If you are working with limited space, you can invest in one with foldable handles.

Tips on Maintaining Your Lawn Mower

  • The blades need regular maintenance and periodic adjustments for them to maintain a quality cut. The mower tends to chew up the grass and it may cause to blunt. Blunt blades equal poor quality grass cut.
  • Check the oil levels regularly and drain at the end of each mowing session/season
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the manual
  • Clean the underneath regularly to remove any trapped grass and debris
  • Regular inspection of the air filter
  • Check the condition of your spark plugs
  • Store your lawn mower in a manner that poses a danger or potential accidents to other people

Common Lawn Mower Injuries

Here are a few lawn mower injuries to look out for:

  • Cuts from the sharp blades can cause deep skin and tissue damage and affect the ligaments and tendons
  • Burns from the gas tank, hot engine, or exhaust fumes released from the gas-powered lawn mowers
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • The moving parts of the motor can also cause amputation

It is important to keep the children and inexperienced users should not be allowed to handle the tools. Also, the user should ensure that they do not touch any moving parts and ensure that all parts of the lawn mower intact as they work.


Investing in a good lawn mower should not be a nerve-wracking affair. It is important to understand that there are different types of mowers ideal for different tasks. Some lawn mowers will remove shrubs and cut long grass while others are suited for small weeds. Another aspect to consider is how to move the lawn mower. Some are electric powered while others rely on the energy of the user. While at it, look for features that enhance the efficiency of the mower. For instance, does it have an adjustable handle to fit users of different heights?

Based on the reviews above,FikstarsStaySharp Max Reel Mower is one of the best lawn mowers. It is a budget mower with exceptional performance. For starters, the Fikstars StaySharp manufacturer is known to produce high –quality consumer tools. The company has advanced their tools by introducing new features that make their lawn mowers more effective. It has an excellent design and blades that allow it to cut the grass without leaving brown tips. The tool also has a grass catcher that collects all the clippings. It is located at the back and it does not block the user’s view. Besides cutting grass, the mower has blades that remove even shrubs. It is an Eco-friendly machine that is easy to push around. The lawn mower also has three working mechanisms and gives you lawn an aesthetic and pleasant finish. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 3-year-limited warranty to the buyers.

We hope this guide was helpful, please let us know your favorite tool and share your experiences with us.

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  1. Mowing lawns is made a lot easier when you are using the correct lawn mower for the type, and shape of your lawned area. The range and functions of modern mowers are wide and varied however, there are a few basic things you need to be sure of before making your decision on which is the best lawn mower for your lawn.

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