How to Install Ceiling Light

Proper lighting complements a good house or office. This explains why this article will focus on giving you instructions on how to install ceiling lights. In this modern era, how you install your ceiling lights will determine how people will rate your room.

Lighting is such a big deal today than it was in the past. This can be attributed to the growth of technology. By following the instructions below, you go a step closer to realizing your dream home/ office.

Ceiling Light – Preparation

The amount of time you use in this project will hugely depend on how well you prepare for it. First, you will need to gather every tool and material that you think will be necessary.

These may include a pair of pliers, the lights to be installed, an electrician’s tape, a ladder,and wires. You will then need to switch the power off from the main switch.

This is a safety measure to ensure that you do not suffer electric shocks when working. This will also prevent your fuses from blowing up or short-circuiting during the installation process.

Remove the Old Lights

Depending on whether you are installing the ceiling lights for the first time or you are replacing the old ones, you will need to prepare the area for installation. Remove the old lights and clean the area for installation.

Removing the old fixtures is simple, just use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the pieces together then detach the light bulb from the holder.

It is not necessary to remove the existing electrical wires as you will still need them to install the new ceiling lights. However, if there are none in place, you can install some.

Run the ground wire together with the black and whites one the to the nearest junction box. Allow the wires to hand over the spot where you will be installing your new ceiling lights.

Install the New Ceiling Light

At this stage, you will mainly rely on the instructions provided on the package of your ceiling light. First, you will need to strip the ends of all the wires hanging over to ascertain that they are not damaged.

Trim the exposed wires to the sizes that you need to avoid causing a fire when they meet or inter-cross.

Even though the manufacturer’s instructions might vary slightly, the rule of the thumb is to always connect wires of the same color. Start with the ground wires then connect the white and black ones.

Remember to seal any exposed parts with an electrician’s tape to avoid short-circuiting.

Finally, screw the connectors back in place. Each wire usually has its own connector so you should not have a problem with this. With the wires firmly in place, screw the light holder to your ceiling.

Ensure that the holder is balanced so that the light distributes equally in your room. Push any hanging wires into the junction box and tighten it as well.

Ceiling Light – Test Your Connection

The only way to know whether your project is successful or not is by testing the whole thing. After double checking that everything is in place as it should, take a light bulb with the correct wattage place into the bulb holder.

You should then turn on the power from the main switch then turn on the lights. Observer how the light distributes its light. If there are any inconsistencies or the bulb do not light, you need to revisit your connections at the junction box.

Remember, it is wise to use bulbs of the light voltage to avoid overheating and to allow them to last for as long as possible. When the bulb lights, collect all the tools and clear the area. That is how to install ceiling light.

Conclusion – Ceiling Light

As we have seen, without light, there is nothing that you can possibly do at night. In fact, proper lighting is very important today thanks to the growth of technology.

To install a ceiling light, you will need to gather everything that you will need before starting the project. You should also adhere to the directions provided by the package’s manufacturer.

These are important because without them you might end up connecting the wires wrong. All the same, this article gives you all the information that you need to know about how to install ceiling light.


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