Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Vs Regular Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Vs Regular Light BulbsWithout proper lighting, your home, office or workplace is not complete. However, there is a debate or rather an argument as to how energy efficient light bulbs compare to the regular ones.

Many people are still stuck with regular light bulbs and are not sure whether they should be making the switch to LED lights. Fortunately, this article looks at how energy efficient light bulbs compare with the regular lights.

Read on so you can have an easy time deciding which ones to opt for.

How LEDs and CFLs Compare to Regular Light bulbs

When you talk about energy efficient light bulbs, chances are that you are talking about LEDs and CFLs. They are designed to help you cut down on electricity costs and provide a safer environment. Even though CFLs do not save as much energy as LEDs, they are still better than regular bulbs on that front.

Light Emitting Diodes, popularly known as LEDs, are the latest addition to the world of lighting. Even though their use has become increasingly popular in recent times, LEDs have been around for quite some time.

They were used in small electronic displays such as clocks and cable boxes. LEDs focuses on converting electrical energy to light energy thereby emitting very little heat in the process.

CFLs, on the other hand, drive an electric current through its system such that it reacts with argon and mercury vapor to produce light. CFLs do not produce a lot of heat as well.

The traditional regular bulbs on their end convert electrical energy to heat before turning the heat into electricity. The electricity heat heats the filament in the bulb making it glow in the process.

Because there is so much heat involved in this process, regular bulbs emit a lot of heat to the environment which is sometimes unbearable for the user.

Why Energy Efficient Light bulbs are Better

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Vs Regular Light Bulbs

LEDs and CFLs are far much better than regular bulbs in so many aspects. We discuss them below:

1. Energy Saving

This is the most obvious benefit of energy efficient light-bulbs. It has been established that any LED light can save at least 50% of the energy that an incandescent light uses.

In fact, some LEDs have been established to save up to 90% of energy. CFLs on the other end can help you save up to 20% of energy.

2. Lasts Longer

Energy efficient lights can last for over 20 years from the time of installation. This is by far much more than what regular lights can offer. If anything, the regular bulbs have a reputation of “burning out” at any time.

3. Emit Less Heat

Energy efficient lights are designed to take care of the environment and ensure that the user is always safe. They produce very little light as compared to regular lights thereby making them convenient.

Conclusion – Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Vs Regular Light Bulbs

When looking for a long term lighting solution, energy efficient light bulbs are your perfect options.

As you may have noticed, they are better than the regular bulbs in almost every aspect.

They help save a lot of energy, lasts for longer and are generally safer for the user and the environment at large.

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