11 Best LED Lights Strips – 2019

LED lights strips provide a good source for bright and stable lighting. However, most people have a problem with identifying the best of these products.

Fortunately, this review looks at the 10 best LED lights strips currently in the market. The review is factual, informative and above all, it considers all the factors that make up a good product.

While coming up with such a list is not always an easy task, we have managed to explore different aspects and come up with something substantial.

1. Best RGB LED Strip Lights for Cars, TV, Rooms, Desk, Ceiling

LED strip lights such as this one for home, car, and office deco have changed the way we decorate how rooms, offices, gadgets, and accessories. With efficiencies of up to 200 lumens per watt, and using just 10% of the energy of incandescent lamps, LED strip lights also lower your cost of lighting.

RGB LED Strip LightsIn that regard, you will find the LED Strip Lights by Cozylady to be among the best for various reasons. They are 65.6ft/20M long, with 600LEDs that you can operate remotely, and can emit all colors of the rainbow.

LED Strip Lights Features

  • Modular Design for easy modification
  • 16 static RGB lights including white
  • An ultra-length of 65.6ft/20M
  • 600 individual LEDs per Strip 65.6ft/20M
  • 4 strobe modes
  • Dimmable RGB and Remote Control
  • Thick and strong adhesive tape
  • Ability to synchronize with music

Four Modes and 16 Static Colors

You can use one or a combination of its four modes: flash, fade, strobe, and smooth, to render its 16 static colors, which include white. That allows you to entertain, relax, excite, or express any feeling you want.

65.6ft/20M Long

Whether you want to decorate behind your TV to give it a glow background, decorate your home, its length of 65.6ft/20M, allows you to cover a lot of real estate.

With just one or two of these LED RGB strip lights 65.6ft/20M, you can fully deco your living room, kitchen, bed, bedroom ceiling, bathroom, or bedroom. You can also use it to deco your car interior or exterior.

Dimming and Music Synchronizing

Moreover, thanks to the dimming and music sync, and remote control features, you can create varying and entertaining ambience.

Modular Design and Strong Adhesive

This LED strip light has a modular design that allows you to cut it or join it at with another to increase its length. Moreover, its adhesive backing is thick and of superior quality.

That allows it to stick permanently on any surface. No amount of heat emitted by its LEDs will make it fall off from its mounted surface.

Overall, if you need a quality and reliable RGB strip light, then this one from Cozylady is among the best.

2. Lightimes LED Strip Lips

Coming in at the number one place is the Lightimes LED Strip Lights. To rank among the best, it has plenty of amazing features.

With built-in 3000 RGB LEDs, the light offers stable and bright lighting all over your room. Additionally, it has a power supply of 12v and RGB color that gives it an attractive ambiance.

With lifetime durability of 50,000hrs, you can use it anywhere in your home.

3. Led Strip Lighting 5M

Purchasing the whole package of the LED Strip Lighting 5M is an adventure in itself.

It comes with plenty of additional aids such as a 1 by 44 IR remote, rope lights and a 12 v power plug.

The lights are made from high-quality materials such as adhesive 3M backing and have a double-layered copper.

You also do not need any wiring to operate this product. Its plug and play feature makes it easy to install and use.

4. Suyisly Led Strip Lights

Lightimes LED Strip Lips The Suyisly LED strip light is a 3M adhesive tape that is very easy to install.

All you need to do is tear the tape and place it wherever you like.

With a working voltage of 12 v, it is not only powerful but also suitable for use in many homes and offices.

Its lack of heat emission and waterproof feature means that even children can play with it.

Unlike many other similar products, these led lights are cuttable and linkable.

5. MINGER Strip Light

The MINGER LED strip lighting has 150 RGB 5050 SMD LEDs together with a dimmer that allows you to control how much light you need at a given time.

The strips are made from a strong PCB board and double layers of copper that makes them very strong and durable.

Its multi-color feature also allows you to pick your favorite color that includes red blue and green.

6. UStellar Dimmable LED Light Strip Kit

If brightness is one of the factors that you are looking for, this product is probably one for you.

The UStellar 16.4 ft. strip light comes with over 3000 bright LEDs that are very safe for use. The heat produced by these lights is also negligible.

Its adhesive tape makes it very easy to install not to mention that its dimmer helps you to regulate the amount of light produced.

7. TBI Pro 32.8 ft 300 LEDs Strip Lights

The TBI Pro LED strip lights focus on sticking on your walls for long.

According to its manufacturer, the LED strips have strong 3M adhesives that help stick the lights on the wall for years.

It also comes with an all in one kit that makes it easier to install and use.


8. econoLED LED Flexible Strips Lights

The econoLED LED flexible strip lights are as flexible as their name suggest. This product comes with flexible ropes that you can cut and adjust to any desired length.

This makes it easy to install and use. Its wide application feature means that you can use it for indoor decoration, Halloween and Christmas amongst other functions.

With a 12 V 5 A powering, the light emitted by these lights are very strong.

9. LE 12V LED Strip Light

The LE 12V LED Strip Light  is another very versatile strip light.  You can use to light your home, kitchen, party, under cabinet and many more places.

Its waterproof feature makes it safe for use even in a house with children.

Its adhesive tape ensures that the lights stick to your walls for as long as you want.


10. MINGER 16.4ft RGB LED Strip Lights

The MINGER LED strip lights include various benefits that make it ideal for home installation.

These include the ability to change color, a remote for easy control, and a strong adhesive tape that sticks perfectly on various surfaces of your home.

The strip lights are also made from double layer copper on PCB board making them durable.

11. LEN LED Strip Lights

The LEN LED Strip Lights provide you with a plug and play feature without wiring.

This makes them quick and easy to install. They are very safe for use,especially with their low voltage (12V only), waterproof and cuttable features.

When you purchase the lights, they come with their complete kits which include a controller box, 12 V power supply,and the waterproof rope lights.


Conclusion – 10 Best LED Strip Lights 2019

Coming up with a list of the 10 best lights strip is not always an easy task. This can be attributed to the fact that many amazing products are released on the market day by day.

However, this review has considered all the factors that make up a good LED strip light and has come up with the list above.

If you are looking for one such product, probably you can consider some from this review.

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