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LED Semi Flush Ceiling Lights 2019

LED semi flush LightsWhen it comes to ceiling lights, it is very hard to single out one product as the best.

Many companies are now constantly releasing quality products to the market thereby giving the buyers a hard time.

LED semi flush ceiling lights particularly are hard to choose because of their unique design.

It is for that reason that we will take our time to review 5 of the best LED semi flush lights.

Throughout the review, we will focus on key issues such as the wattage, brightness, efficiency, and durability to provide a fair ground for every product.

LED Semi Flush Ceiling Lights Reviews 2019

1. LB72131 LED Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

This product is ETL listed so you do not have to worry about its quality.

Finished with antique brushed nickel, the lights assume a design that will make any type of ceiling look magical.

However, to rank amongst the best, the product must have some basic features that making a ceiling light fixture complete.

We analyze each one of them below:


This amazing semi-flush ceiling light only uses 15 watts. This is enough to light up most of the rooms in your home including bedrooms, offices, stairways,and hallways.

Overall Design

The ceiling light fixture assumes a contemporary design. It allows for semi-flush mounting and its lights are nickel finished. This light fixture is generally good to look at thereby can be used for decoration purposes as well.


This light can release 1050 lumens of light with single lighting.


Energy efficiency is one of this light’s strong features. According to its manufacturer, you can save up to 80% of energy with this product.


Enjoy over 50,000 lighting hours with this instant LED semi-flush ceiling lights.

2. LB72130 Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

This dimmable ceiling light fixture has all the right features to contest with the best in the field.

With a diameter of 12 inches and a height of 9 inches, this high double ring ceiling light has a unique design.

It is great choice if you want an option away from the regular ones.

Some of the features that allow this product to contest with the best include:


This is a 15-watt semi flush ceiling light that can light up most areas in your home.

Overall Design

Its overall design is unique and impressive. It has a brushed nickel finish and the best materials are used in its design.

It is not only pleasing to the eye but can also last for a very long time. Its design is one that makes the installation process easy and faster.


This light releases up to 1050 lumens of light. However, its dimmable feature sees to it that you can customize the brightness levels to however you see fit.


This ceiling light is about 80% energy efficient. This is almost similar to what other products in the same category offer.


The lifespan of this ceiling light is over 50,000 lighting hours.

3. Kira Home Chloe Retro Modern Semi-Flush LED Ceiling Light

This ultra-modern 3-light semi-flush ceiling light is also one of the best in the market.  Coming with a round tempered diffuser, this ceiling light fixture has chrome trim finish.

That gives it an upper hand over other similar items. Its additional features such as the white drum shade are also something to look forward to. Its main features include:


It is important to note that even though this light fixture can hold 3 lightbulbs at ago, it does not come with any of its own. However, it is compatible with an LED lightbulb of your choice.

Overall Design

The overall design of this ceiling light fixture is generally good. You can use it for decorating purposes as well.


The brightness of this light will depend on the lightbulb that you use.


Most LED lights vary in their efficiency. However, we can say that this light will help you save about 80% of electrical energy.


As long as your lightbulbs are still working, this fixture will serve you for as long as possible.

4. DixunMordern Mini LED Chandelier Semi Flush Ceiling Light

Light up your hallways, dining rooms,and bedrooms with this amazing ceiling light fixture. The ultra-modern semi-flush ceiling lights are very effective and stylish.

Its manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product’s services. Here are some of its main features:


This ceiling light fixture supports a 12-18-watt LED light bulb providing light that will light up any area of your home comfortably.

Overall Design

The ceiling light fixture assumes a contemporary design and style. Made of crystal material, the product is strong enough to withstand most challenges.


It is not clear how many lumen the bulb can support because the wattage also varies. However, the brightness is always bright enough to sustain your needs.


According to the manufacturer, if used correctly, this light can help save up to 80% of energy. s


This ceiling light guarantees over 5,000 lighting hours from the time of installation.

5. Hykolity 14 inch LED Flush Ceiling Light

This dimmable ceiling LED light has plenty of additional features that would interest any homeowner.

The Energy Star rated product guarantees quality and high performance through its components and amazing look.

Its versatility sees to it that you can use it for a variety of applications in your home. Here are its main features:


This is a 22-watt LED lighting fixture that can be used to light up your hallway, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom,and restroom conveniently.

Overall Design

The overall design of this light fixture is good. It assumes a circular shape that is easy to install with all the components in place.


Given that this is a dimmable light, on full brightness, it can produce up to 1650 lumens of light.


The efficiency of this product is at 80%. This can help you cut a lot on electricity costs.


This light provides over 50,000 lighting hours.

Conclusion – LED Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

LED semi-flush ceiling lights are among the best LED products today. With plenty of these products available, users are having problems identifying the best.

Fortunately, this review has discussed the 5 best LED semi-flush lights with an aim of making your work easier.

The products reviewed in this article have checked all the boxes. That is why they are the best in the market today.

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