Where To Place Outdoor Security Cameras

Choosing where to place outdoor security cameras is as important as choosing to install a security camera. If you install your camera in the wrong place, then it’s possible it will not do the job as much as you may have wanted it to. On the other hand, installing your camera strategically will not only deter would be thieves, burglars, and even robbers, but it can also help you to solve any break-ins. It’s with that in mind that I decided to write this article to share what I have learned works best for me. Of course, it is understood that installing the best outdoor security camera is also important; otherwise, you will have blurry images that you can’t use to identify suspects.

Each home and house is different; you will therefore need to start by taking a tour around your home with security goals at the back of your mind. You also need to consider only places where the building’s roof will shelter the camera. It still should have a great view of the area-of-approach the intruder is likely to use. That’s if they try to trespass into your property or break into your house.

5 Places Where To Place Outdoor Security Cameras

You also have to think like an intruder when trying to find a suitable place to install your outdoor security camera. Think of places such as the windows on the first floor as well as the second floor. Other places can be the garage window as well as the basement. These are appealing to intruders because they don’t expect you to pay a lot of attention to them on a daily basis.
Another important trick is to have several cameras installed, both within reach and out of reach of the intruder.

The security cameras that you install within reach of the intruder should be dummy cameras, wired as real cameras, and then have the real camera installed out of reach and if possible in a concealed position. When the intruder breaks in, and destroys the dummy camera, you will be able to capture him in the act. Furthermore, that helps you to safeguard the real quality camera from intruders and still have them working as you wanted.
Next, I will discuss the best five places to install your security camera outdoors.

1. Install the Security Camera on the Front Door

As surprising as this may sound, about 35% of all burglars choose to enter throughout your front door. You will therefore want to have one of your cameras trained on the front door. If you can have one that is miniature in size but of good resolution, then you can have an expert install it close to the keyhole.

That’s where the burglar will be looking when try to make his forced entry. I also recommend that you install a Pinhole camera that’s Wi-Fi enables on your door-bell. That will allows you to capture and transfer images of any person knocking on your front door.

Moreover, if you can store your security camera footage on the Cloud for increased security of that crucial footage, you will have a great chance of catching any intruders even after they destroy any local video footage. Overall, you will have greater peace of mind if an intruder believes they are being watched, even if they aren’t.

2. Back Doors and Side Doors

You will want to make sure that you also have a security camera trained on the back and side doors. That’s because about 21% of intruders choose to make an entry into your home from the side or the back. It goes without saying again that you should make sure that at least one Wi-Fi enabled camera is out of reach of a human hand and protected from something that might be thrown at it.

3. Install your Camera on Off-Street Windows

Intruders love to do their stuff either in the dark or simply out of view of the public. That makes off-street windows an attractive entry point for any would-be intruders. Therefore, you need to have one of your cameras trained to any windows that are out of view from the street.

A great way to make increase your level of security is to install a HD camera that you can access from an app in your phone. That will allow you to monitor what the cameras are capturing without having to go to the security control room, or any place where all the security footage can be accessed directly from the security camera’s DVR.

4. Side Gate and Backyard

Most people will remember to install a camera facing the front gate but they don’t do the same for the camera in the backyard or even the side gate. You should not forget that when you leave items such as the lawn mower or your kid’s bike in your backyard, you are enticing intruders to steal them. Therefore, the least you can do is to install a motion sensor floodlight, as well as a security camera that is equipped with night vision technology. Those two security features will make an intruder think twice before proceeding with move of either stealing from you or breaking into your house.

5. Basement Stairs

It’s common for basements to have hatches or doors that you can crawl through if you are desperate to get inside or get out. Intruders are aware of that fact and they will always give it a shot if they think it is the safest way into your home. Having a hidden camera at that stairs that lead up from the basement to your home can help you to deal with such intruders. You basement is another place that you will want to install a camera that is equipped with a motion sensor, as well as night vision. A quality camera that is not too expensive will do the trick for you, and if you can access it from your smart phone via Wi-Fi, then it’s the perfect solution for you.

Overall, when it comes to outdoor security cameras, you shouldn’t think of them as just surveillance tools. Instead, think of them as deterrence to intruders, and something that says, “I am watching you!” Research has shown that installing even a security dummy camera or even having a sign that says the property is under surveillance, helps to deter intruders. I hope that you found this article to be informative and engaging. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them below.

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