How To Choose CCTV Camera – Everything You Should Know

CCTV cameras have become a popular crime-fighting and safety- promotion tool. The video surveillance system is a powerful security tool as long it is properly designed for the intended use. It does not matter if it is for your home or business security, you need to choose the best security system. How to choose CCTV camera should not be a nerve-wracking affair anymore.

For starters, there is a wide selection of CCTV cameras to choose from ranging from the wireless to wired options. Other factors to consider are where the cameras will be installed. Also, do you involve a professional installer or do it yourself? The article will address all the issues discussed above. Read on for more information!

Content Outline

  • Wireless vs. Wired Security Cameras
  • CCTV Camera Styles
  • How to Choose CCTV Cameras: Factors to Consider Before Investing In CCTV Camera System
  • How to Choose CCTV Camera: During Installation
  • Benefits of an Effective Surveillance
  • Conclusion

Wireless vs. Wired Security Cameras

How to choose CCTV cameras entails deciding if you want wired or wireless security systems.

The wireless system has the “high-tech” advantage as it requires no video cables. However, they are prone to interference from other wireless devices.

The wired cameras require a cable and which signals and take power to the recording device.

CCTV Camera Styles

  • Dome cameras

They are common in malls and stores and have indoor and outdoor weatherproof versions. They are conspicuous and blend in with the environment.

  • Box cameras

The box cameras are big and need not to be hidden. They have a box shape and allow a wide range of focal length lenses to cover the desired area. They are ideal for indoor use since they are not sealed.

  • Bullet cameras/lipstick cameras

They are small, cylindrical shaped cameras with weatherproof housing. They are tiny and can fit in the palm of your hand making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

How to Choose CCTV Cameras: Factors to Consider Before Investing In CCTV Camera System

  • Cheap is expensive

It is better to invest in a small entry-level yet high-quality system instead of rushing to buy a cheap and unbranded camera. It helps you avoid buyer’s remorse and making unnecessary replacements.

  • Warranty

It is advisable to go for cameras that are provided with warranties with professional installation or self-installation option. It is discouraged to purchase cameras that offer no or a limited warranty in case the camera fails.

  • Understanding the basic camera capabilities

You should consider factors such as the lens size, data storage memory, and the wide-angle degree of the CCTV camera. The wide angle lens degree determines the vision’s field. The lens size should focus on how far the cameras can capture the objects and activities within its focal length. Lastly, the camera should have enough memory storage and you can use additional hard drives or network attached storage devices.

  • The different camera types

Understand that there are different types of CCTV surveillance cameras ranging from the Internet Protocol to High Definition. There is a reduction in camera prices thanks to the technological advancement.

  • Analogue, HD, and IP cameras

The basic analog camera has low-resolution images and is ideal for monitoring area and detecting people. The HD camera has a high crisp resolution and ideal for identifying characters and numbers. It is often used for recording evidence for legal purposes. The high-resolution cameras show more enhanced pictures than the analog cameras. You can digitally zoom in without distorting the image and other details.

  • What Do You Want The Camera To See?

Do you want the camera to see your driveway or someone on the door? Choose a location where the camera can capture a 360-degree vision under different lighting conditions.

  • Best camera position

What is the most strategic position to place your camera? It largely depends on the topography of the place. The most common positions are the front door or gate where people and vehicles enter, followed by other “weak spots” such as the rear entrance.

  • Consult A Security Professional

Seeking the opinion of a security professional will save you time and money. The expert will assess your property and advice on the best location to place the cameras. Also, you get advice on the best camera types, the buying and total installation costs before making a purchase.

  • Costs

If you are enlisting the help of a professional installer, he or she should give the total cost involved in the project. It helps you plan for unexpected costs.

  • Outdoor or indoor use

Do you want your CCTV camera for indoor or outdoor use? There are several factors to consider depending on the preferred location. For instance, in extremely cold locations, go for a camera with an inbuilt heater and durable design.

Is there a lot of vibration? Choose a robust system that can withstand the vibration levels. For the indoor cameras in places such as restaurant kitchens, protect the cameras from extreme humidity, greases, and other elements that might affect its functionality.

  • Discreet Or Hidden Cameras

Do you want the cameras to be discreet or be a visual deterrent to intruders? The location and security needs determine if the cameras will be obvious or discreet. The dome cameras have a small spherical shape making them discreet. The box cameras are large and most obvious, a constant reminder you are being watched.

  • The Lighting Conditions

It is important to test the cameras under different lighting and see how they work. Different areas experience different amounts of sunlight even as the seasons change. Factors to look out for include a strong back-light that creates a glare or a reflection on the floor. Fortunately, the light filtering technology amplifies or reduces the light reaching the sensor.

  • Do You Need Audio?

Having an audio system integrated into the surveillance system helps you pick conversations. However, it is not mandatory

How to Choose CCTV Camera: During Installation

Do you want your CCTV camera installed professionally or go the do-it-you way?  Hiring a professional installer might be convenient and time-saving. On the other hand, some simple illustrations and guidelines will help individuals self-install for themselves.

Benefits of an Effective Surveillance

  • It helps increase safety and confirm any incidents that might have occurred such as theft or property damage
  • It provides customer insights and data for businesses


Choosing a CCTV camera should not be an uphill task. The cameras have become a popular security measure in homes and business. They help increase safety and record any pieces of evidence of incidences of theft or property damage. There are different kinds of cameras to choose from depending on the individual security needs.  However, you need to consider several aspects before choosing and installing the surveillance camera. Also, it is important to determine if you will self-install or enlist the help of a professional installer to do the work.

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