Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

We at MECKSHOME take your confidentiality seriously. The confidentiality policy gives details about the type of data collected and utilized on our end.

Routine data collection

The necessary information tracked by web servers about the visitors includes IP addresses, timestamps, referring page, and browser details. This information cannot individually recognize particular visitors to a website. Tracking of the data is done for regular maintenance as well as administration reasons.

Web beacons and cookies

MECKSHOME uses cookies to keep information about the guest’s history and preferences whenever it is necessary. This is to assist the visitor and offer the guest with tailored content.

Other third parties and advertising associates may too use scripts, cookies or web beacons to track guests to our website to show adverts and other valuable data. Such tracking is done straight by the third parties via their servers and is bound by their confidentiality policies.

Regulating your privacy

In case you have confidentiality concerns, you may adjust the browser setting to deactivate cookies. Deactivating cookies for every site is not suggested as it might block your use of certain websites.

An excellent choice is to enable or disable cookies on an each-site basis. Check the browser citations for guidelines on how to disable tracking functions and cookies.

Important to note: Google advertising

Any adverts offered by Google, Inc. as well as other affiliated firms might be regulated by using cookies. Such cookies let Google show advertisements depending on the kind of searches you conduct on the site that are associated with the Google advertisement services. You can find out how to limit the usage of Google cookies. As stated above, any tracking that Google does through the use of cookies as well as other methods is bound by Google’s confidentiality policies.

Contact Information

If there are any queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy, reach us via the contact page on our site for the additional explanation.